30 June 2012

MBLAQ's G.O confessed that he dropped out of high school because of SNSD's TaeYeon

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It was shocking to know that MBLAQ's G.O dropped out of high school because of SNSD's TaeYeon. So what's the real story behind this? G.O revealed on Sesame Player that he dropped out of high school because of TaeYeon and it shocked everyone. He said that when he was in high school back then, he joined a nation wide singing competition and end up getting crowed as the 1st runner up. He was then informed that the champion was a girl who was younger than him by 2 years.

G.O said, "I won second place at a nationwide singing competition and was shocked to find out that I had lost first place to someone two years younger than me." In that case, G.O begged his mother to allow him to drop out of school and to pursue his singing career. He continued, “I realized that I had to do more and completely immerse myself in this and begged my parents to let me drop out of school so I could prepare to become a singer. I took my GED later and was fortunately able to get into college.”

Shockingly, the champion that night was none other than SNSD's TaeYeon. Well, at least this proves that the both of them of good singers! And A PLUS are proud of G.O on how far he is willing to sacrifice to make his dream come true. Well done to G.O and also TaeYeon.

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