30 June 2012

Boyfriend's Budokan showcase live update [Part 2]

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 There were too much updates and I had to separate them so that the post won't be too long to read. Here are some photos of the boys in their showcase just now! 

The boys giving a big bow to their precious Bestfriends when the showcase came to an end!

YoungMin waving and giving fan services to his fans. The towel he placed on his neck is one of the official merchandise that were sold on the venue at Budokan.

Fans bought the official merchandise of JungMin in the showcase venue. The background would be the stage the boys will perform on.

No joke! This is not Super Junior's concert, it's Boyfriend's showcase in Japan. I'm impressed!!

Boyfriend's showcase venue entrance. As you can see, there are a few body guards and securities around to guard the safety and the flow of the fans so that no one gets hurt.

Here's a few photo cards that fans bought in sets. These photo cards are also official merchandises. They come in 5 pcs per set I guess.

JungMin and HyunSeong in a set

KwangMin and YoungMin in a set 

DongHyun and MinWoo in a set

JungMin's individual photo card

YoungMin's individual photo card

KwangMin's individual photocard

 JungMin's official fan 

Below are the banners that are set up at the booths so that fans can have a clearer view of what official merchandise that are on sale and thy are offering. Fans can make up their mind before getting into lines to buy them. There is indeed lotsa merchandises, I wonder are there any fans that went back home with an empty pocket?

[LIVE UPDATE] Official Boyfriend Japan Twitter account - 二回目の公演が終了しました!ご覧になった皆さん楽しかったですかぁ??会場内は撮影禁止なので今日の思い出は脳裏にやきつけてくださいね(>_<)
The 2nd showcase just ended! Was everyone happy? We strictly do not allow any video recording, just burn all the memories in your mind (>_<)

Photo credit : as watermarked

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