30 June 2012

Boyfriend's Budokan showcase live update! [Part 1]

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Today would be the big day for Boyfriend as they are going to perform 4 stages in Japan for the first time, for free! The schedules for today's showcase are:

1st showcase [START] 10:15
2nd showcase [START] 13:00
3rd showcase [START] 15:45
4th showcase [START] 18:30

The view of the booth selling Boyfriend's official merchandise.

According to fan's update, the official merchandise were all sold out although they have prepared so many stocks for the fans.

BOYFRIENDの初ショーケース「First Date with BOYFRIEND in JAPAN」いよいよ本番を迎えました!!朝早くから駆けつけてくれたファンの皆様、ありがとうございます!本日の初デート楽しみにしていてくださいね♪
Boyfriend's [First Date with BOYFRIEND in JAPAN] is finally here! Thank you to all those fans who have been here since early morning! Japan's first date, please look out for us!

Many fans have been lining up since morning to get a good place for the showcase. Starship Entertainment have been updating live footage on their Official Boyfriend Japan Twitter account.

Official merchandises are getting really good respond from fans! There's already so many people early in the morning to buy the merchandises!! We have prepared a lot but there's still merchandises that ran out of stock. Thanks to the price of the merchandises (>_<)

WOW, just look at the crowd early in the morning, they have been lining up for so long to buy the merchandises. Lucky fans, they get to buy before anybody else in the world gets to. This really makes Bestfriend from all around the world go jealous!

8月22日発売のデビューシングル「Be my shine ~君を離さない~」の予約も受け付け中です!日本武道館でご予約していただくと、会場限定特典の「生写真」が全6種類のうち1種類をランダムでプレゼント!ここでしか手に入りません(>_<) 
[Be my shine ~君を離さない~] will be released on the 22th of August, the preordering can also be made from the booths here. If you are here in the Budokan, you can buy the limited 6 photos of the boys once and for all, and you can get a mysterious gift too! It's only available here, no other place offers this (>_<)

Oh my, look at those photos of the boys, it looks so tempting! I just wanna fly there and buy them. It is limited and totally worth it. Japanese fans are just so so lucky!

8月1日〜発足される公式ファンクラブ『BESTFRIEND JAPAN』の特別先行予約受付中です☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆凄い行列です!水分補給をして熱中症には気を付けてくださいね(>_<) 
1st of August's BESTFRIEND JAPAN's official website line up is now under proceed. The great line ups! Please drink more water, don't be sick! Please (>_<)

Aww the officials are so caring, fans should look out for themselves and be careful, drink lots of water and be ready to rock the showcase with Boyfriend! And the staffs too, you guys worked hard!

グッズ情報!メンバーの直筆(プリント)メッセージの入ったFirst Dateグリーティングカード!メンバーが飛びでちゃうぞ♪さらに!手に入れた人しか分からない、ちょっとしたサプライズも!?遊び心満載のカードになってます!是非ゲットしてね! 
News! First Date greeting card with a (printed) messages from Boyfriend and their autographs! There's something more! Who would be the one getting this little surprise? There would be a small game going! You might get this!

This is a one and only autographed greeting card from Boyfriend! And there's a message from them too! The fan who got this immediately updated and uploaded the photo of her holding this on the web. I'm so so jealous!

I guess the credit should be the girl's name? Lucky lucky her!

Boyfriend's stage view at Budokan! It's almost like a concert right? That's so so awesome! The stage plan is so special.

Photo credit : as watermarked

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