17 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-1 in Busan, Korea

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Departed LCCT at around 8:30AM (Malaysian time). It was a 6 hours flight but we landed 10 mins earlier than estimated arrival time. The kimchi chicken rice I've pre-booked as my flight meal was quite nice.

Kimchi Chicken Rice on AirAsia X

Arrived at Gimhae International Airport at around 3:20PM (Korean time). It was kinda chaotic when everybody was rushing to get the arrival card as more than half of the flight passengers didn't get it during the flight. After getting my luggage at the baggage area, I've headed to the 7-eleven, expecting them to sell T-money card but sadly they don't sell it there. I have to go downtown to get it.

So, I went to get my pre-booked wifi device (unlimited usage, can be used in Busan and Seoul) and then went to bus stop #2 to hop on the airport limousine bus heading towards Haeundae. The limousine bus was very comfortable (fare charge of 7,000\). It stops at various big hotels in Haeundae. My hostel was located right behind Grand Hotel so it was easy to get there by foot after getting off at the hotel bus stop.

On the limousine bus heading from Gimhae airport to Haeundae downtown

Checked in to the hostel which is Hi Korea Hostel and paid the outstanding amount. The hostel was nice, quiet and very clean. Finally getting some rest at around 7:30PM (Korean time).

The clean and high tech toilet in the hostel

Due to the rain, I dined at a fairly small restaurant opposite to the hostel. Wanted some rice soup dishes but not available, end up having fried chicken! On the way back to hostel, I've stopped by at 7-eleven to buy some instant noodles and snacks just in case I need them for supper! I've bought instant noodles, Banana milk, and the triangular kimbap that I have been dying to try out! The Beef Gochujang flavour is not bad ;)

Food storage for supper

triangular kimbap Beef Gochujang flavour

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Kitty said...

Hi! How did u pre booked your wifi device and where u stay at seoul?

Anonymous said...

hello! where did you stay at seoul? any good hostel recomendations?

Anonymous said...

hi where did you stay in seoul? any good hostel reccomendation?

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