30 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-11 in Seoul, Korea

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Woke up earlier today because I'm going to Arirang! :) Since I didn't manage to give any gifts to DJ Adrien on Monday, I've bought some Pepero for him. Aron is coming in today so I guess I can't go in empty handed. I've passed the gifts I bought earlier for him to a staff when I visited Pledis Entertainment so I've bought some Pepero for Aron too. So sad that I forgot to take pictures of the pepero with messages on it :(

I went to a Starbucks nearby before heading to Arirang because it was still early. Don't wanna be there so early looking like a despo when I really am a despo when it comes to NU'EST ;) haha

I didn't have any appetite to eat because I was so nervous knowing that I'm going to meet Aron. The producers said I won't be able to take photos when they were doing the live show nor taking pictures with Aron. Slightly disappointed but WHO CARES? Just the thought of meeting Aron made these few days unbearable. Anyways, my sister ordered a burrito.

It tasted really nice tho the ingredients were a bit weird. Or is it originally like that? I mean with rice in it?

Photo was taken few days ago when I visited Catch The Wave (wasn't allowed to take pictures when Music Access was doing it live) 

Arirang tower

Corridor in the studio
All of a sudden, Music Access asked me am I alright to do an interview with Aron. OMG YES *I can do it for no matter how long it takes* of course, I told them I can do it. They initially planned to ask 2 questions but when Aron briefed me through it, it was around 5-6 questions. I was so nervous I couldn't recall what I told Aron. But I remembered this cute conversation.

Aron: So you like NU'EST right? Which member do you like? (I told the producer I like NU'EST, apparently he told Aron)
Me: Actually I like all of them (it was true, I like all of you guys, Aron ㅠㅠ)
Aron: That's a lie haha Who do you like the most?
Me: erm....I like you...and JR
Aron: OK guys, she likes JR.
What?? Aron LOL I LOVE YOU TOO KAY? :)

The studio is actually quite warm. Not sure was it just me :o

Full credit goes to the person who screencap this. Do tell me if you are the one :)

Well, while we were not on air, Aron told me he remembered me since he have read quite a few of my messages from the message board cause I always tune in and leave him messages. Oh god, Aron you do remember me :)

Before leaving, Aron signed on my autograph book. He wrote my name with a ♥ beside *awww*

Ok, some facts about Aron when/after meeting him (A little fan girl section here please don't mind) :

1. His face is small. That explains why MinHyun's head is big. Haha. But seriously, Aron's face is really small. I've never thought his face could be that small judging from all the posters and photos. I wonder if other members' face is that small too.
2. Aron's height = my ideal height. I don't know how to express it in words, let's just call his height a BEAUTIFUL HEIGHT :)
3. Aron is skinny. Skinner than what I've imagined. Ok, where did the abs come from, Aron? *I think I can lift Aron up by piggybacking him & win the arm wrestling game*
4. He looks good even without make up. He still have that thick eyebrows and sexy eyes ;)
5. He is cute and he was happy when he saw the Pepero I gave him. He said YAY with the cutest smile on his face.

6. Aron asked me not to be nervous before the interview. Moments before we were on air, he was like "are you ready?". I swear he is the cutest thing ever, I'm gonna get diabetes because he is so sweet. Aron, you're gonna get ants all over you.
7. I did not know that one of the photo I took with Aron looked like he wanted to eat me until the producer sent it to me 3 hours later.
8. My mom asked if Aron was a wax figure when I sent her the photos.
9. Aron likes to adjust his hair from time to time. He took off his cap when songs were played and wear them on again when he is back on air.
10. Aron talks really fast but there were awkward pauses too. Oops Aronnie 
11. Aron's fingers are really beautiful!! And he has clean nails.

A photo with Aron! 

I prefer the upper photo :D

After leaving the studio, I went for some early dinner at Hoya's new family restaurant. It is not actually a restaurant they named it by themselves. It is a franchise restaurant called 돈수백. It sells pork soup and rice. Hoya's dad and mom are at the restaurant. His dad took my order and his mom served me the food. There are still quite some photos and calenders of Hoya sitting around the restaurant.

Oh and the food was nice! The pork soup and rice costed 6,000₩ while the boiled pork costed 9,000₩. Infinite fans do come and visit!

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