27 August 2016

Friday Night Date with Roy Kim!

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Roy Kim, a South Korean singer-songwriter came to Malaysia for the first time to promote his third album which is “The Great Dipper” and also held a showcase on 26th August 2016 in Paradigm Mall. Thanks to Warner Music Malaysia for inviting Roy Kim to Malaysia and organizes this event. Many fans came early to participate in the events such as first 100 passes for Album Signing event, 300 passes of Photocard Giving Session and also a Meet & Greet session for the lucky winners of giveaways.

Roy started his showcase with a Chinese song “Tian Hei Hei” (天黑黑/ Cloudy Day), originally sung by a Singaporean singer, Stephanie Sun. Many fans were very impressed with his live performance as his mandarin pronunciation are very accurate and he delivered the emotions of the song very well which has touched many fans’ heart. He then performed another four songs which includes “Love Love Love”, “Pinocchio”, “Home”, Damien Rice’s “The Blower’s Daughter” and “Bom Bom Bom”.

During his performance, he did not forget about his fans on the sides. He shifted his microphone and carried his guitar to both sides so that fans from the sides are able to get a better view of him. The fans sang along and did fan chant during his performance.

When the emcee asked the fans to describe Roy Kim, many of them shouted handsome, cool, talented, cute, sexy and more. He playfully agreed that he is handsome and cool.

He stated that his mother contributed a large influence to his music when he was questioned why he sings ballad more. He revealed that his mother likes to listen to folk songs which leads him listening to them as he grew up. Unlike his friends who prefer to listen to dance songs. 

He mentioned that he enjoyed Malaysian cuisine and had it for two consecutive days for both lunch and dinner. Roy Kim chose Kangkung Sambal when the emcee asked him what is his favourite Malaysian food.

He also revealed that he had caught about twenty Pokemons in the country. He also broke the news to his fans that he will be going back to Washington to continue his studies in the few days.

He also mentioned that he is thankful to everyone as he did not expect this amount of fans came to support him. Malaysia will be his last stop for this promo tour this year and he hopes that the next tour in Malaysia will be a full concert.

Before ending the showcase, Roy Kim personally handed photocards to fans who purchased his caller ringtone. Roy Kim’s showcase was a success! All the best to Roy Kim in his studies and hope to see him soon in Malaysia!

 Thank you for the invitation, Warner Music Malaysia.

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