27 August 2016

Roy Kim greets local media at Roy Kim Promo Tour In Malaysia Press Conference!

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Finally! The multi-talented South Korean singer-songwriter, Roy Kim came to Malaysia for the first time for his promo tour. Thanks to Warner Music Malaysia which is the organizer of his promo tour in Malaysia. He greeted the local media at a press conference which was held at Pullman Hotel, Bangsar before starting his official schedule in Malaysia.

During the press conference, he revealed that he actually playing Pokemon Go which is the current trend and he reached level 7.

Roy Kim mentioned that he wrote his very own first song during his high school years for an assignment and he never showed it to his parents before. He started composing as his hobby and later on it became his job. Through music, he is able to travel around the world which he enjoys a lot. According to Roy, his inspiration in composing song usually comes at night and when he is alone. He also mentioned that he wrote a song the night before the press conference in his hotel room since he was excited and kind of drunk. Since he was unable to recall the lyrics, he told the media that he promised that he will indicate that the song is written in Malaysia if it is released. So, stay tuned to all Malaysian Royrose!

Throughout his music career, he once felt that singing was tiring and was not as exciting as before during his first year of debut. He was only 19 years old at that time. 

According to Roy, his current favourite musician is Damien Rice and he is listening to a lot of sad songs these days. When the emcee asked him to choose his favourite song among all the songs he wrote, he said he could not choose as all the songs are as precious just like his babies. After thinking for some time, he chose “Home” from his second album as of 10.45am because the song is about his dog. As for the hardest song he ever composed, he chose “Maybe I” (어쩌면 ) from the drama, “Oh Hae Young Again” (! 오해영). He took six to seven hours to record the song.
He also revealed the weirdest thing happened during the preparation of his third album. He was recording “Stay” while drinking Korean liquor with his producer. They thought the recording was successful. It turned out to be really bad when they listened it to the following day as they were drunk. He had to re-record the song again.

Roy Kim shared that he would like to take some time off and travel around for a tour since he had released three full albums. For the past three years, he did not appear in many television programmes as he did not want to be the “TV guy” and wishes to focus more on music.

He also revealed that he will be going back to Washington for school after a few days and only return after three or four months. He jokingly replied “no” when he was asked whether he is excited for school. He mentioned that people calls him vacation singer but he was not able to rest much as a singer. Going back to university is more like rest time for him.

We would like to thank Warner Music Malaysia for the invitation.

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