29 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-10 in Seoul, Korea

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View of the river under the bridge

Today was a bit colder. Woke up at around 11AM and went to Yeouido Hangang Park. According to my sister, Infinite was here when they were filming for 'This Is Infinite'. It was a really huge and clean park by the river. You can see many restaurant delivery stickers on the bench/stools under the bridge for people to call for delivery food while picnicking at the park. There are also special lanes for biker to ride their bikes.
People who wants to enjoy the breeze or ride their bikes can come here. You can see people exercising, playing, and picnicking here. During summer time, Koreans like to come here and dip their feet in the shallow pool to cool off. If you want to ride a bike but you don't have one, you can rent it at the park too. How cool is that?

People like to dip their feet in the shallow water in summer

A selca at the park 

There was a memorial park nearby where a few idol groups have their own memorial tree planted here. As far as I know, Girls' Generation, Shinhwa and Infinite have trees under their names here. Nothing special but you can see fan gifts and fan letter here. How weird.

Girls' Generation trees 

I also went to Woollim Entertainment today! It was not that hard to find but I walked a lot and my legs were sore. Woollim Entertainment is located in an apartment. You can't see any labels or signboards that says it is Woollim but if you follow the address, yeah you'll end up in front of an apartment. There was this girl who came out from the apartment, my sister then asked whether is this Woollim? She said yes. My sister handed her the fan letter she wrote for DongWoo. The girl said she will pass it to DongWoo for her.

Woollim Entertainment

Anyways, since Infinite's old dorm is nearby, I've decided to drop by and dine in the restaurant where L admitted he ate kimchi jjigae everyday during his trainee time. The restaurant was located right beside the dorm. I took a picture in front of the dorm bit across the street. I heard there are people living there now so it is better not to get to close for pictures. After that, I went to the restaurant called 행복한 마당. As soon as I walked in, the ahjumma asked whether are we Infinite's fans. She asked who we liked and escorted us to the table and told us which member sat where. I sat on L's place while my sister sat on Hoya's place.

Kimchi jjigae L ate for a few months

A selca in front of Infinite's old dorm

I've ordered kimchi jjigae, just to try out and figure why Myungsoo liked it so much. The kimchi jjigae wasn't as fancy as other restaurant with lots tofu/meat/spring onions. But the taste was really good. I like the sourness and the spiciness of the soup. The weird thing is that it costed more than the other restaurants I have went to. Normally it costs 5,000₩ or 5,500₩ at most but this costed 6,500₩. Myungsoo, I thought you are still a trainee that time. Why are you so loaded? Or did the ahjumma increased the price? Hehe

The menu

The seats Infinite used to sit according to the ahjumma

Well, after that, I went to Hongdae. There is this cute Hello Kitty Cafe that I've always wanted to visit. It is nearby Hongik University station. The cafe is not really big but there are 2 floors. The food and beverages sold are waffles, cakes, coffee etc. Coffee costed around 5,000₩ while whole cakes costed around 11,000₩. I ordered hot cafe mocha and kitty tiramisu cake. The whipped cream was really really sweet while the tiramisu cake tasted good. Hello Kitty lovers, do visit the shop! You won't want to leave. It is all pink and cute.

Hot cafe mocha and tiramisu cake

Tiramisu cake with Hello Kitty's face

The tables at Hello Kitty Cafe

2nd floor

After eating, we went for second round dessert! My sister wanted to try Natuur Pop ice cream. It was endorsed by Infinite but not it is Got7. She bought the flavour Hoya endorsed, which was Blueberry yogurt. It tasted quite good.

Natuur Pop ice cream, Blueberry Yogurt flavour

Going back to Arirang tomorrow, since I have gave the gifts and fan letter for Aron to the staff when I visited Pledis, I've bought some peperos for Aron. Not to forget, Adrien too!

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