30 May 2012

Jay Park created the hottest day in Malaysia

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Multi-talented Kpop artist, Jay Park has finally made his way to Malaysia for his new album showcase titled 'DiGi Live K-pop presents Jay Park Showcase' which took place on the 12 May and 13 May respectively. A day before the KL showcase, he headed to the east of Malaysia to meet his fans in Kota Kinabalu first. As on the 13th, the showcase for his album promotion took place at KL Life Centre and we, Elosoul were there for the event coverage. Head on the full post for more scoop of the event!

The show started off at 7.30pm not long after the fans successfully filled up the whole venue KL Live by 7.19pm.  Also, the organizer did not let fans wait too long before Jay Park emerged on stage minutes later.

Baki Zainal,  TV host of 8TV was the emcee for the night and he managed to pump the crowd and kept on teasing the fans by mentioning 'Jay Park'. Each time when Baki said the magic word, "Jay Park" the crowd went all wild and crazy. Several moments later, Jaywalkers were finally greeted by Jay Park with a shy smile, clad in a black tank top showing off his hard-rock arm muscles and caused the fans to go 'Gaga'.

Jay Park sang Bruno Mars' 'Nothin' On You' as the first intro of the show and showed off some of his iconic dance moves. The crowd were amazed as Jay rapped in English and hit the high notes while dancing at the same time.

'Star' was Jay's second song for the night. The crowd were totally immersed into his romantic love song and his perfect grooves. His well-known choreography at the chorus made fans screamed their lungs out, trying to get Jay's attention from afar. Fan boards such as "Marry me, Jay Park" could also be seen in the crowd. After that, Jay took a short rest and had a small talk with Baki. A special made birthday video by Malaysian Jaywalkers to Jay was revealed on the screen and touched his heart. Well, he was really happy.

 He said that although his birthday was on April 25 and today was May 13, he was still happy that Malaysian Jaywalkers are celebrating his birthday with him.

Another surprise which shocked the crowd was when Baki introduced two fans on stage and each of them was holding a gift for Jay Park. Malaysian Jaywalkers gave him a special limited edition stamp by PosMalaysia with Jay's face imprinted on it. The other gift was a birthday cake with a small Jay figurine on the cake. Malaysian Jaywalkers then sang a birthday song to him, having Jay to beatbox along with it, making it sound like a duet with fans. Next, he came back on stage to play games with four lucky fans, who won the lucky draw. Their mission was to imitate Jay's dance move. Fans who received the most cheer from the crowd will be the winner and get to snap a photo on stage with him. But of course, he led off with a demo for them to follow his moves.

The show continued on with his hit song "Up and Down" and the crowd sang along with him with the fanchants. Throughout the song, Jay interacted a lot with the fans.

"Know Your Name" was definitely the highlight of the night.This time, he put on a jacket just to match the dancers at the back. Fanchants were so clearly heard during the chorus part, leaving a smile on Jay's face before he end the song. "First you ask their name, and then you ask them to be your girlfriend!" was what Jay said before he continued to sing "Girlfriend". That was the sweetest thing he said to his fans that night. Jay enjoyed singing the song and was giving fan service to the camera. "Just be my girlfriend, my girlfriend, my girlfriend, my girl." The lyrics in the song made fans dream for more.

Jay sang "Enjoy The Show" after getting himself dressed with another tight black tank top, showing off his well built body. Fans were asked to sit back, relax and enjoy the show by Jay Park in the lyrics, fans were giving awesome response to him as they cheered along and waved their hands in the air.

After the song ended, the media was invited on stage to take photo of Jay together with the Jaywalkers under the stage. Not long later, the autograph session started. As Jay sat on the chair, he gave his killer smile to the press right before the first fan arrived on stage for an autograph. Jay also insisted to sign on every album and poster for the fans, and also shake their hands. I went on stage to get his autograph too, and to be honest, Jay has the most perfect porcelain skin I've ever seen and also the warmest hand.

The showcase ended around 9.18pm and there were still fans who just wanted to have the last glimpse on Jay Park. Jay said thank you to all his fans after ending his autograph session on stage. 

Apart from the showcase, lucky Digi Customers also managed to catch the star in action in a basketball match against his fans at SM Sri KDU which held yesterday 14 May. For this activity, 400 lucky fans received limited audience passes via a contest on the DiGi Youths Facebook page.

K-pop is a music genre that is very close to the hearts of our customers, especially among the youths. I am confident of the success of tonight’s DiGi Live showcase as Jay Park is one of the hottest Hallyu artistes in the market today. I’m sure many of our lucky customers are going to walk away with fond memories of their close encounters with him,” said Sulin Lau, DiGi’s Head of Marketing Services.

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