30 May 2012

Jay Park's press conference in Malaysia

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Jay Park  has finally made his way to Malaysia to meet his Malaysian Jaywalkers who have been supporting and waiting him since his debut and after he left 2PM. Elosoul attended the press conference which took place last Sunday (May 13) at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel. Head on the full post to find out what did Jay Park revealed exclusively for the press and to his Malaysian Jaywalkers!

Jay made his entrance into the ballroom hall with a shy smile on his face which marked the start of press conference. Jay said he loves rapping, singing, dancing, composing, producing and he enjoys whatever he likes to do. It is rewarding and awesome although the path as an artist is tough but it was worth it. And for that, emcee Baki asked whether does he feel uncomfortable each time when all of the female fans cheered at his face with the phrase "Welcome Jay Park!". Well, he honestly thinks that its 'Wonderful'. (Jaywalkers, you heard the man!)

He was later asked on how he feel after receiving so much love from Malaysia. To that, he replied that he wasn't expecting a huge response from the Malaysia fans until he came here. Also, he's thankful to Jaywalkers in Malaysia who like and supported his new album, 'New Breed' . Of course like any other celebs, Jay wasn't excused for any relationship questions by the media. In response, he said "I'm 28 and I'm a little busy. But in the future, I would like to have just one girlfriend, yeah just one."

Jay likes composing songs for himself compared to writing songs for other idols because in his own songs, he doesn't put any limits, he sings whatever he wants and he content could be about anything. He tends to make the beat more R&B and hip-hop-ish and it doesn't really need to be catchy. In contrast, if he had to produce songs for idol groups, it has to be catchy and easy to sing along to for mass appeal. He also said that he would like to try more acting in the future since he doesn't have too much time now. When the right opportunity comes, and his schedule is free, he would definitely grab the chance. So, Jaywalkers stay tuned!

When Jay was asked whether how does he feel that now the whole world is into Kpop music, Jay kindly responded, "Well I think it's great, and I'm doing Kpop also, I mean they like the music, they like to sing to it, they like to dance to it, I think it's great. And I don't think I'm competing with other artists or other idols, I feel like I just do my thing, I choose my own career path, I write my own music, I'm just enjoying performing in front of my fans." What a humble guy he is!

Jay also admitted that collaborating with Michael Jackson was his dream, but it is impossible to achieve unless they do a digital collaboration, which might be possible. So, Jay chose Usher as the artist that he would most like to collaborate with.

The next question popped was to the singer was what kind of character he would like to challenge in a drama. He responded, "I would like to be a funny guy, or those guys who are like at first they seems kinda like a loser, but as you get into the character, it seems more and more cool, like Transformer's Shia LaBeouf. At first he doesn't seem like a hero. Or even Tobey Mcguire from Spiderman, they seem more and more cool as the character goes on."
At the end, Jay was requested by the media to do aegyo (cute faces) on stage, Jay shyly placed his hands under his chin, looking like a flower. He killed the camera's light bulb, as expected.

A representative from Universal Music Malaysia stated that Kpop is conquering the music industry in this era. They are delighted to have Jay Park here in Malaysia and they know that fans need more interaction with the artist other than just see them perform on stage. That's why DiGi and Universal Music Malaysia came out with a "Jay Park Campus Basketball Match with Fans in Sri KDU in Kota Damansara" on Monday (14/05/12). 400 lucky fans are entitled a pass to enter the venue to watch Jay Park plays basketball. 5 fans are lucky enough to have the chance to play basketball with Jay Park. Universal Music Malaysia hopes that DiGi can support Kpop in the future and collaborate with them to bring more Kpop artist over.

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