26 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-7 in Seoul, Korea

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YAY! 26th! It's my mom's birthday, but too bad, I'm still in Korea. This would be the first time I'm gonna miss her birthday and I felt really bad. Anyways, I thought of visit Pledis Entertainment today, it has artistes like NU'EST, After School, Son Dam-bi and Seventeen (not yet debut). Woke up around 11AM today and left hostel at around 1PM. There are 13 stations away from my hostel to Pledis Entertainment so by the time I reach the station and find Pledis, it is already 2PM. I was all excited when I finally saw the label at the front porch because I've saw it in one of the episode of NU'EST LOVE STORY where NU'EST was having barbeque at the parking area and Baekho soaked himself wet when washing the cars. Pledis Entertainment company's building is not like SM or JYP or Cube. It is more like a house than a company which I find it very interesting. Maybe they want their artistes to feel like home even when they are actually working. There is a basement door to the basement and also a front glass door where only staffs can enter. 

The big signboard of Pledis Entertainment

Remember the porch?

Before this, After School's poster was pasted at the front but now, it is NU'EST poster. It felt awesome! I had a peek inside the glass door where the poster was pasted. It is actually the room where tables and chairs are placed and you can see the big flat screen tv on the left. It is like a meeting room. If you have seen all the episodes of NU'EST LOVE STORY or have watched their live streaming, you would definitely recognize it immediately. NU'EST even filmed a parody CF of their official goods and fanclub items in that room! (Not sure if I am allowed to upload the photo of it so I'm not going to) 

Gifts and fan letters

Selca at Pledis Entertainment

I've tried to ring the bell in front but nobody came out. I have some gifts and fan letters for NU'EST and I've waited in front the company for 2 hours. Then, a car came in. Out walked two individuals, one male one female, they went in through the front door. I thought Aron might be stopping by since his Music Access live radio ends at 4PM and he might arrive here around 4:30PM but I was wrong, he didn't show up at all. After 30 minutes, the two individuals came out, holding a baby, and drove off. I regretted. Why didn't I approach them and at least hand them the gifts so that they could help me pass it to NU'EST.

Beautiful garden

Since I have time, I've decided to wait for them. My sister went to Hoya's restaurant because it was supposed to be their new restaurant's grand opening day but they postponed it because the restaurant is not fully operating yet. She came to Pledis after visiting Hoya's family to meet me. It was around 5:30PM at that time. I was so hungry and tired and cold. Luckily the company is located at a housing area, not many are walking by so I feel less awkward, sitting alone across the street. Around 6PM, my sister arrived. She brought me some bread from Paris Baguette. 

Baekho, where are you?

The Stairway to heaven? :D

One last picture before leaving Pledis

While I was waiting, I took another walk into the parking area of Pledis Entertainment, took more photos and videos since god knows when I'm gonna be back. I was so tired and decided to leave for dinner. Then, the minute I step out from the parking area, a black car came in. My heart pounded so fast, the windows were so tinted and the car was huge. I thought NU'EST might be inside. I was all excited and then, a male staff came out. He saw me standing behind the car after he parked so he asked whether am I waiting for NU'EST
*Idk why he guessed NU'EST instead of other artistes haha maybe I love them so much it is all over my face*, and of course, I said yes. Then he said "AHH, NU'EST is not coming today (in Korean)!" then I was like "HARR? Not coming?" "NU'EST is not coming today (in Korean)" then he crossed his arms and gave me an "x" sign, saying they are not coming today. Sadly, I asked him whether can he pass the gifts for me. He said yes and asked whether which is for whom. After I told him, he said okay. I said thank you and then he went into the basement. I assumed that the basement is NU'EST's practice room, that GREEN practice room! :) Since I am going to Arirang Tower on 28th, I shall try to meet Aron there!

After leaving Pledis, I went to Namdaemun for some more shopping. My aunt asked me to buy her stuffs she didn't manage to buy before she left Korea. I've went around Namdaemun with my sored legs, trying to find it and negotiating with the sellers. Luckily, I've managed to buy it in the end. There are a lot of food stalls at Namdaemun too but I was too tired to continue walking. On the way back to hostel, I've stopped by at a cafe just a few shops away from my hostel to buy a piece of cake. Since today is my mom's birthday, I bought a cake, a flavour that she would like so much - Chocolate Almond Cake and it costed 4,500\ for a piece, to celebrate with my sister here in Korea. We recorded a video of us, wishing my mom a Happy Birthday and showed her the cake we bought.

After "celebrating" her birthday, I finally went back to my hostel. I've asked the hostel staff to order Jjambong for me for dinnner! I had jjajangmyeon yesterday so today, it is jjambong's turn. Otehr than jjambong, I've also ordered fried dumplings. One jjambong costed 5,000\ while one portion of fried dumplings costed 5,500\. The jjambong was spicy but really really nice. The portion was big like the jjajangmyeon I had. Well, yeah, we didn't manage to finish the dumplings but I shoved the jjambong into my stomach. The delivery was within 15 minutes, or like 10 minutes? It was really efficient. 

JjamBong, with octopus, mussels, onions, vegetables, clams and noodle *a little spicy*


Oh yeah! there was also a "mourning walk" going on outside my hostel's main road. Many monks and prayers were holding lanterns, walking on the road while chanting. There were also many volunteers, distributing lit latterns to form big Korean letters on the road. It looked so beautiful. Many visitors and travellers wrote wishes and blessings on a yellow ribbon for the Sewol ferry incident victims and family. It was sad and beautiful at the same time. Roads are blocked everywhere, i have no idea how the delivery man came in.

Lots of people walking with the monks and volunteers

Lanterns were lit up to form big hangul words on the road

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