21 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-2 in Seoul, Korea

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Woke up really late today because I need to get some beauty sleep at around 12:30PM. Since Seoul Hostel doesn't provide breakfast, I ate some triangular kimbap I've bought from a nearby 7-eleven convenient store and drank Banana milk! After having breakfast and some more rest, I headed out to MyeongDong again.

The triangular kimbap (beef gochujang flavour)

I think Isaac Toast is quite well known in Korea, there is one branch in MyeongDong so I decided to try it out. I ordered the Bacon MVP and it tasted really good. Nothing in Malaysia can really beat this toast. There are a lot of choices to choose from too. I've waited for quite some tome because the orders they received comes in large numbers. Fortunately, they work fast. After taking the toast with me, I've decided to head over to Caffe Bene to try out the bingsu and waffle.

Isaac Toast

I've ordered the Cookies and Cream bingsu and Tiramisu Waffle. The bingsu costed around 9,800₩ while the waffle was 5,000₩. The waffle was not bad since it was topped with some ice cream and chocolate syrup. I wasn't really impressed with the bingsu because it tasted bland. It is basically made up of shaved ice, some cookies crumbles, red beans, another layer of shaved ice and topped with ice cream and cookie crumbles again. It was a really big portion (might feed around 4 person).

The bingsu is almost the size of my head

Spent some nice quiet time at the cafe, listening to some awesome Korean song throught the radio. Those weren't kpop songs or any popular songs but slow, romantic and sentimental songs. After having some rest, I've went back go the MyeongDong subway station. There is a underground shopping street located at the subway station. You can buy clothes, bags, shoes, accessories and Kpop merchandises here. As a loyal Kpop fan, I've went into one of the Kpop merchandise shop and bought NU'EST Action 2nd album at 8,300₩ (around RM25). Couldn't get their first album, Face, as it is sold out. I've went to another shop too but couldn't get it either. And of course, my sister bought 5 Infinite's album for herself.

NU'EST Action album!

While I was planning to head back to my hostel and call it a day, I spotted a shop selling cheap clothes at 5,000₩ (around RM15-16). Finally I bought my first clothe in Korea! Had some ramyeon for dinner because I've spent too much on my lunch.

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