30 June 2013

Kpop fans gathered at the Cube corner with Beast, 4Minute and G.Na at AIA K-POP Concert 2013 in Malaysia

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AIA Bhd. proudly celebrated their 65th anniversary in Malaysia with an extraordinary Kpop concert at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. BEAST, 4Minute and G.Na made their way to Malaysia to meet their passionate fans despite haze. This was the 2nd time for BEAST, 4Minute and G.Na to perform together in Malaysia after DiGi Kpop Live concert few years back. The last time BEAST set their foot in Malaysia was for The 27th Golden Disk Award happening at Sepang circuit. They were thrilled and excited to be back again with their new comeback songs.

G.Na was the first performer that night. She hyped fans up with her powerful vocal, singing "Supa Solo", a powerful and strong song from her hot debut album. G.Na greeted fans with a happy smile on her face, wearing a sexy black outfit and high heels. G.Na is a Canadian born Korean therefore communication wasn't a problem for her in Malaysia.

G.Na kept the hotness going on by singing "2HOT". G.Na gave fans a surprise when she sang her famous debut song "I'll back off so you can live better" English version and she sounded amazing! "Banana" was a song she co-composed can she delivered it perfectly. The roars from the crowd proved how groovy the song was. Other than singing her own songs, G.Na treated her fans with Rihanna's songs "Take A Bow + Rude Boy". It sounded totally different with G.Na's sweet vocal and fans liked it a lot. G.Na was really happy to see such a big crowd in Malaysia, gathering up to watch her perform. She took a walk down to the sub stage to take a closer look of her fans.

Before leaving the stage, G.Na sang 3 more songs "First Kiss", "Top Girl" and "Black & White". She then kissed her fans goodbye. A total of 8 songs definitely proved how great a singer G.Na is.

Who's next? It is definitely 4Minute! 5 charming girls entered the stage with a loud cheer from the floor members. 4Minute made their entrance with their recent comeback hit song "What's Your Name?". Fans were singing along to their catchy song.

4Minute were seen wearing funky and colourful stage outfits, bringing fresh and young vibe to the scene. 4Minute continued on with a sexy title song, "Mirror Mirror". Jiyoon showed off her vocal skills by hitting the jaw dropping high notes.






4Minute get closer to fans with "I'm OK", a slow song asking "Baby, are you okay?". 4Nias were once again on their feet jumping when 4Minute performed "HUH" and "Muzik".

The 5 young pretty girls charmed fans with one of their popular sentimental song which they have performed at The 27th Golden Disk Awards few months back in Malaysia, "모르는 척 (Pretend)". 4Minute says their goodbye by performing their last 3 songs, "Ment", "Heart to Heart" and "Hot Issue". With a total of 9 songs, 4Minute took a walk down the memory lane with 4Nias in Malaysia.

As the last performer, BEAST made fans weak in their knees by singing "Beautiful Night" on a beautiful night. The boys stood on stage with their handsome comfortable stage outfit. HyunSeung caught fans off guard by presenting himself with blond hair.




BEAST swept fans off their feet by dancing to "Bad Girl", their well-known debut song. Catchy songs like "Shock" and "Special" made the crowd gone wild. Fans were amazingly doing fan chant to the song "Shock" and it was magnificent. "Fiction" was one of BEAST's hit songs and have received numerous NO. 1 spot on music charts when it was released, they nailed it perfectly!   To cool down the heat in the stadium, BEAST presented fans a slow song, "I Knew It". BEAST proved their vocal skills by singing live. BEAST waved goodbye after delivering "Freeze" and "Beautiful".


Passionate fans demanded for encore and refuses to leave. As charming as they are, BEAST took the stage once again with one last encore song "V.I.U". Yoseob was worried about the haze and he asked fans to take good care of their health, twice. BEAST hoped they can be back soon for a concert, fans are definitely waiting.

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