16 December 2012

Nu'est The Face To Face Showcase in Malaysia : Nu'est, the vitamin for L.O.Λ.E

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Finally, the day has come. Nu'est The Face To Face showcase in Malaysia was held at Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre (MIECC). Gold Pass holders were informed to show up at the venue by 2.30pm to have their meet-the-fans session with Nu'est. The fans were given an opportunity to take an individual photo with Nu'est and an instant photo print service was included. The showcase kicked off on time after a strict bag check. Fans swarm to the entrance to secure a front place to stand.

The showcase started around 6pm with Hao Min (DJ from 988 radio station) as the emcee to heat up the crowd. As soon as fans started to cheer for Nu'est, the boys made their appearance by singing to their hit song, Face. The boys gave a strong performance and made the crowd gone wild. Fans went crazy when they continued their performance with a sweet song, I’m Sorry. After two impressive performances from them, Nu'est took a short break by introducing themselves to their fans and melted fans with their charms.

5 very lucky fans were chosen through luck draw by Nu'est to be invited on stage to have a small interaction with the boys. Nu'est gave over the top fan service to the lucky fans as they enjoyed some intimate interactions with the members. MinHyun called the lucky fans through the phone and sang to her by looking into her eyes. The fan had tears filling up her eyes and was speechless when she was interviewed by the emcee. Ren was asked to act cute to the lucky fan. Instead of showing off his aegyo, he pretended he was going to kiss the fan and the crowd roared with awe. Baekho, the strong guy gave the lucky fan a quick big hug causing fans under the stage went bizarre with jealously over flow. Aron in the other hand had a chance to take photo with the fan on stage using her smartphone. It was one of the most memorable pictures ever as Aron was the one holding the phone. Last but not least, sexy leader JR danced sexily towards the fan. A loud beat song was played and JR immediately danced to it with his strong and sexy moves. He captured fans heart by posing to the crowd after the dance.

After a short break, Nu'est continued their showcase with the song Not Over You. JR and Aron got excited and ran down the stage and fans swarm towards them like bees. Baekho, MinHyun and Ren also came down and shook hands with fans in front. The fans all fell in love when Nu'est sang to their sweet love song Sandy. How we all love to be Sandy for that moment!

Nu'est then had a rest and picked 5 more fans up on stage to interact with them. This time, fans would have to pick a number sequence and then pose to the numbered cameras prepared as if they were models for catwalk. 5 of the lucky fans then received autographed albums from Nu'est. Before they continue on with their performance, Nu'est went back stage to have a break.

Nu'est came back up stage, ready for their last song of the night, Action. The boys gave all they had and wrapped up their performance with a strong ending. Nu'est also sang a lovely Christmas song in Korean, specially prepared for their Malaysian fans for the Christmas. Nu'est wore 5 different cute headbands that symbolizes Christmas such as red Christmas hat and reindeer’s antlers. Nu'est then proceed with the high-five session with all their fans. Fans were able to high five with all the members on stage. Some fans prepared some gifts and gave it to the boys on stage.

Before bidding goodbye to their fans, Nu'est thanked all of their fans for coming and certainly hoped their fans enjoyed the showcase tonight. Nu'est gave a lot of love and hearts to their fans before waving goodbye. Be back soon Nu'est!

Visit here for more photos of Nu'est The Face To Face in Malaysia showcase : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.573111812704229.145819.100000162475506&type=3

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