16 December 2012

Nu'est The Face To Face in Malaysia press conference

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From left: MinHyun, Ren, JR, Baekho and Aron

Nu'est sat down according to the name tags provided on the table so that medias could get their names right. JR, the leader of Nu’est sat at the middle while Baekho on his left and Ren on his right. Aron was beside  Baekho and MinHyunbwas beside Ren, the maknae. The press conference started a little late as it was a rush schedule for Nu’est because their flight was 4.50pm and it was kinda rush for them to travel all the way from the airport to the hotel.


Leader JR

Nu'est introduced themselves as a group and then introduced themselves one by one. Nu'est looked a bit tired but they were smiling to the cameras all the time. Nu'est said that they really want to visit KLCC if they have a chance to on Sunday as they planned to have a half day trip in Kuala Lumpur before leaving Malaysia. The emcee of the day was Hao Min (DJ from 988 radio station). She taught Nu'est how to say Hello in Malay, which is Apa Khabar. Nu'est then excitedly greeted Apa Khabar to the press.

From left Ren, JR and Baekho

During the interview sessions, they were asked to describe Malaysia with a Korean word. MinHyun said Malaysia is passion to him while Ren sweetly said Malaysia is Sarang (Love in Korean). JR described Malaysia as a chance as he thanked Malaysia for giving them a chance to perform here. Baekho was thrilled with the cultures in Malaysia as he described Malaysia with multicultural. Lastly, Aron said that Malaysia's scenery is very nice and he described Malaysia as beautiful.


As Christmas is around the corner, Nu'est admitted that they did sent gifts to each others. When they were asked what kind of gifts, they replied socks. Nu'est said that it is winter time in Korea and it is very cold so sock made a very thoughtful and warm gift.  After the compliments of Malaysia from the boys, they were asked to recommend a place in Korea for fans to visit in the future. They recommended Kangwon-do. It is a place where many people went to ski during the winter and the scenery are breath taking. Nu'est secretly revealed that they are going to have their comeback early next year but they can't reveal will it be a full length album. Please keep an eye on the boys' comeback as it will be a blast!


When it comes to food, Aron said he enjoyed pig skin and chose it as his favorite food. JR said he likes to eat basically anything and everything other than tomato (I wonder why?). Ren chose Kimchi jjigae as his favorite dish. Well that explains why he has porcelain flawless skin.

Pretty maknae Ren

Nu'est poured their thoughts on acting and said they would want to act someday if there is a chance to. MinHyun said he wanted to be a student, a smart one. Ren expectedly chose flower boy as he is already one. Kim Hyun–joong's character in Boys Over Flower, Yoon Ji-hoo is the character he would like to challenge. Ren was requested to pose to the press with his flower boy look. He gave a soft stare to the press and totally killed the bulbs. JR, the sexy leader would want to try action movies and end up posing as if he was fighting. He gave a strong glare too.


The most well-build member, Baekho was a sport fans and was good in sword. He said he would want to involve in a movie and play a character who is good in sword. He then posed too, holding the microphone as the sword. Last but not least, Aron admitted that he wants to film a romantic comedy. He stood up and held Baekho's head and lifted his chin as if he was going to kiss a girl. Baekho's face tells it all.

Baekho and Aron


Next, Nu'est was asked to describe the member on the right with a word. MinHyun described Ren as a cute boy and Ren proved it by showing off his aegyo (cute) with a cute "buing buing". Ren described leader JR as sexy. JR was requested to pose sexily to the cameras and he did. Baekho in the other end slightly pulled JR’s collar down to expose JR’s collarbone and muscle. JR shyly covered his face when the members started to laugh at him. JR then described Baekho as white tiger. Baekho's name means white tiger in Korean and the stage name was created by Nu'est's senior After School's UEE from Pledis Entertainment Company. JR said that Baekho is strong and always looks manly. Baekho then described Aron as clean. Lastly, Aron said that MinHyun is tall as he was the tallest among them all. Aron also said that MinHyun was cool and full of charisma. MinHyun possesses a mysterious image.

From left Ren, JR and Baekho


The emcee curiously asked Nu'est to reveal how is the showcase on 15th December 2012 (Saturday) is going to be. MinHyun said it will be the best, Ren said it will be unforgettable, JR said it is going to be new, Baekho said it is a secret while Aron said it is going to be full of expectation. Before ending the 40 minute long press conference, Nu'est thank the press for coming and ask fans to continue to show their support. The boys also said that they will definitely come back to Malaysia again in the future.

Visit here for more photos of Nu'est The Face To Face In Malaysia press conference : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.572096409472436.145666.100000162475506&type=3

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