16 July 2012

Jay Park's Red Edition New Breed Repackage Album autograph session

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Jay Park had a autographed session for his new Red Edition repackage New Breed album on Sunday 15/07. The album consist of new tracks like English version of Girlfriend and Know Your Name. DVD was also included. This edition of the album included Malaysia's previous Jay Park showcase footage in it too. By purchasing the new repackage album, fans are entitled to have an autograph session pass. Jay will only autograph on the new repackage album, the poster and also Jay Park's New Breed Special Asian Edition.

Speedy was screening Jay's showcase the whole time

Many fans were lining up already around 1pm as the session starts at 3pm. I went there around 1pm too cause my twin sister won herself a photo pass to take photo with Jay and the organizer asked her to register herself at 1pm from the winner registration table. I went there with my autograph pass and so does my youngest sister. Every autograph pass is entitled to join the lucky draw to win a photo pass to take photo with Jay. Same as the lucky draw for Beast's fan meeting last 3 years, the black box contained around 15 ping pong balls and only 1 or 2 balls are orange and the others are white. Once you picked an orange one out of the box, you're getting a photo pass. But the lucky draw is entitled to the first 100 fans to join only.

I was so damn nervous when I put my hand in the box. The same feeling when I first did it for Beast's fan meeting. That time I wasn't that lucky to pick an orange one cause I was so damn nervous. Few seconds later, I pulled my hand up and was really really shock and happy to see an orange ping pong ball on my hand. I shouted so damn loud that my sister from far thought I saw a rat. I was so damn happy that I nearly forget to get the photo pass from the staffs. Then it was my little sister's turn. I thought, since I'm so lucky that time, why don't I pick it instead of her. She never did this before I think I might get one for her with my luck. She agreed and I went for it. I was so nervous and scared at the same time that I might not get one for her then I will be the one to blame. I took a long time before I dare to pull my hand out. Unexpectedly, I did chose an orange one again. I shouted again, with her this time.

I went to line up at the photo pass lines with other fans. Surprisingly, many other fans had the luck that day and manage to score themselves a photo pass too! So happy to see those smile and tears on their face cause I know exactly how happy they feel. Jin from Hitz.fm was the DJ that day. He did a brief warm up session with the fans by selecting fans to sing Jay's song and give some posters away.

Without further due, Jin announced that Jay Park is already in the building. Fans were screaming and pushing. All of them wanted to see Jay from a closer view. Jay came out from one of the door beside the shops. I think that is one of the emergency exit to the car park. Jay was wearing a casual white tee with a pair of jeans and a pair of blue sneakers. Jay waved to him fans and throwing killer smiles here and there. Jay made his way into the Speedy shop and took a few photos in the shop. Some medias were allowed to join Jay in the shop and take some photos of him. Jay bought Justin Bieber and Usher's album from Speedy to show his support.

Before the autograph session starts, Jay took photo with the lucky fans who won the photo pass first. Fans were grouped 4 by 4 to go in the Speedy shop and meet Jay at the very back of the shop. I was one of them :) Jay was smiling while meeting his fans. I quickly stood beside him. Jay was so fair and handsome! Totally humble and cute!

After taking photo, we were guided back out from the Speedy shop. I heard Jay talking to one of the staffs that he wanted to drink bubble tea. And that is why Jay was drinking Chatime all the time while he was signing autographs. He sipped the drink every minute. Haha guess he really liked it.

Jay signed very fast and was manage to sign for all the fans who purchased his album. He shook everybody's hand and said thank you to everyone, one by one. He is the most humble guy I have ever seen. Before he starts the session, Jin did a little interview with him. Jay asked fans whether did they went to the MTV concert last night and he got a loud roar from the crowd. Guess everybody was satisfied with Jay's performance last night. Jay then was requested to hold a plastic toy gun and pose for the medias. He did the exact pose as his new Red Edition Repackage New Breed album.

I overheard from one of the fans, they asked Jay whether why didn't he strip last night, Jay said cause he is in Malaysia. Damn, I should go Korea or USA to watch Jay sometimes. He strips more there I suppose. But he was great anyway without stripping. His voice is the most angelic voice I've ever heard. None of the songs in his albums are auto-tuned. It is all his original voice. Jay said thank you to all his fans before he left. Jay went for the MTV post past last night after he performed around 11pm. I guess he is very very tired and he just finish autographing for hundreds of fans. Thank you Jay for your hard work. You made me a Jwalker since last May. :) I'm waiting for the day that you will come back.

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