16 July 2012

MTV World Stage 2012 live in Malaysia

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Anybody went to the MTV World Stage on Saturday? I'm sure it was awesome if you guys went. The crowd was so wild and the performers gave their all. Justin Bieber was the opening act as he has to leave Malaysia for Australia the same day for another concert there. Justin brought Selena Gomez with him to Malaysia and went shopping together in Wangsa Walk and Sunway Pyramid. They appeared in the airport holding hands too. Unfortunately for Beliebers, Justin held on to her the whole time.

MTV Asia have been announcing that the concert will start at 6.15pm and the doors will be opened at 3.30pm. Fan have been lining up at the Sunway Lagoon theme park since 11am. The regular and express ticket holders were lining up at the entrance of Sunway Lagoon theme park while the VIP and Media pass holders are required to enter from a different entrance which was near the Sunway Pyramid Hotel & Spa.

Over at the other entrance, many fans were lining up there early since they wanted to get the best view stand. The host were warming up the crowds and doing giveaways to keep fans excited. Many people were selling t-shirts, name tags, bags, photos, posters of various MTV World Stage line-up artist which is Justin Bieber, Jay Park, Kara and Mizz Nina. Honestly, as a kpop fan, I found most of the crowd were Justin's fans. The have water painting on the face captioning "Bieber", "I love Bieber", "JB". And many fans brought their fan boards to show him their love. "Be my Boyfriend, Justin?", "Marry me Justin", "Last time he wants to be my Baby, now he wants to be my Boyfriend". Fans wore purple shirts and caps too since it was Justin's favourtie colour. The door opened at 4pm, which was quite punctual I must say. The events I went to so far never open the gate on time as they promised so I was really impressed. The flow was organized, fans were allowed to be in the venue on time. Although the bag check was strict, they let fans in on time.

Xzone was the nearest to the stage but nobody knew since no stage plans were released before the concert. There was an information counter outside the entrance where fans can ask and get info before they go in. The stage plan was provided. The screened TaeTiSeo's Twinkle on the big screen too! VIP and Media was placed unexpectedly very far from the stage. It was way far behind the crowd too. Since nobody knew the stage plan, Xzone was critically low of fans in the area. To fill the blanks, they opened the entrance to all the regular and express ticket holders to enter since there were more of the fans in the regular and express area. I found many VIP went down to join the crowd too.

I managed to squeeze to the 4th row from the stage when Justin performed. I couldn't remember the song he sang in sequence, but he did sang "Boyfriend", "Never Say Never", "Baby", "All Around The World", "As Long As You Love Me", "Die In My Arms", "Be Alright", and "One Time". Fans gone wild when he threw his NY cap and also his sunglasses down to the crowd. Lucky fans! DJ for that day was VJ Holly and VJ Richard. they were gorgeous and professional! Love them both. Justin sang well even though it was a live performance. He sang and danced the same time. Justin obviously love his fans so much that he keep on asking whether are they enjoying the show, are they comfortable, are they ok down there squeezing. He said he love them and will always be there for them. How nice of him to say that, I'm sure Bielibers melted all the way.

After Bieber finished performing, an amount of fans went out to catch Justin in the airport since he was leaving soon. That time, I managed to squeezed to the first row which I basically stick myself on the grill. The grill that separates the fans from the stage. Before the next act, the VJs did some warming up session and threw merchandises down for the fans to catch.

Next up was Kara, the 5 beautiful girls from Korea. Kara performed "Step". They lowered down the disco call which was a icon of their song so fans knew they were going to sing "Step" first. Then they sang "Lupin", "Honey", "Jumpin", "Mister" and also a new song "Let It Go" which they highlighted that this is the first time for them to sing this song outside of Korea. In between their performance, Kara did a little introduction. They said they were Kara in Korean and then introduce themselves one by one in English. Nicole did the speaking mostly saying that they were happy to be invited and the crowds are awesome. After Kara performed, the VJs came out again and did some giveaways too. Then they invited Mizz Nina up on stage. I'm so sorry that I don't know her and I can't remember what song she sand but I really like her performance cause she really sang well and she can dance too! Dennis Yin from Elecoldxhot was one of her backup dancers. No doubt Dennis had his own fans screaming his name and I saw a fan board of Elecoldxhot too!

Lastly, I'm sure MTV saved the best for last. Jay Park did the closing act. He sang many songs from his new "New Breed" album and also his free music songs. He sang "New Breed", "Know Your Name", "Girlfriend", "Star", "Do What We Do", "Carefree", "Abandoned", "Nothin' On You", "I Got Your Back", and "BODY2BODY". Jay said he gave fans all he had. He also did a little dance show with his AOM dance crew with Prepix. The dancing was amazing and breath-taking. Jay wanted the fans to enjoy cause he risked his life dancing to that choreography for them. Jay, Jwalkerz are always here for you <3

In between the performance, Jay had to change outfit. He didn't want to make fans wait, so he said he will do a beat box while changing. He really did and he asked his crew to do some free style while he do the beat box and changing at the same time. Jay really wanted fans to enjoy his performance. He thanked everyone who came and support, he thanked MTV for their invitation. All I can say is that Jay is one talented humble guy. He do what he wanna do, and he treasure his fans. Jay flashed his abs for 3 times!! 3 freakking awesome time! Fans were wild and yelling and yelling and yelling and it never stopped...

The show ended around 10pm. VJs came out and greeted every good night. There were fans who shouted encore but it officially ended. I wouldn't want to mention the after concert scene since it was crowded and slow and tired and stuffs. I can barely manage to make it out of the theme park since there was a long way to go before you can exit the theme park. It was totally exhausting. I reached home around 11.30pm because the traffic was bad. My legs cramped. I freshen up myself before going to bed as early as I can. Jay Park have an autograph session at Speedy, Sunway Pyramid the next day at 3pm.

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