15 June 2013

Kim Jong-kook ended his First Malaysia Showcase with a promise to fans

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Running Man's Sparta, Kim Jong-kook finally ran his way to Malaysia to meet his beloved fans. 14th June 2013 marked his first visit to Malaysia and it was a blast! Fans from all around the world such as Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea gathered at the HGH Convention Centre to catch the sweet singer, or the well-known Sparta from Running Man, Kim Jong-kook in action. Thanks to New Pro Star, PMP Entertainment and Running Into The Sun, fans were given exclusive chances to meet Kim Jong-kook at zero distance and taking group photo with the man.

Kim Jong-kook's First Malaysia Showcase started off at 8pm with opening guest, local artiste Virus Wu and Henley Hii. Both of them admitted they were fans of the variety show "Running Man" and was honoured to be the opening guest for Kim Jong-kook. The emcee of the night was Yoon from One FM, one of the official radio station for the event.

Virus Wu

Henley Hii

"Today More Than Yesterday" was the first song Kim Jong-kook sang for his fans. His appearance was greeted by the crowd with loud cheers. Kim Jong-kook was seen wearing a white tee, grey cotton vest with a dark cardigan and a striking orange short pants. He sang on stage, with 3 dancers in companion.
The showcase continued with a short and fun interview with Kim Jong-kook on stage. He first greeted fans in Malay, "Apa Khabar!" and expressed that he wasn't expecting that much of fans to be welcoming him in the airport and also attending his showcase.

Kim Jong-kook revealed that he ate Nasi Lemak in the morning and his stomach isn't feeling well because the sambal has a different and stronger taste of spice. It is totally different from Korea's spicy food. To spice up the crowd, Kim Jong-kook shared some behind-the-scene happenings of "Running Man" with fans. He said he gets angry at Kwang-soo easily as Kwang-soo always befriend him in the beginning and betray him afterwards. He even confessed that he doesn't want to be in the same group with fellow friend Suk-jin.

A tough man like Kim Jong-kook is hardly seen with teary eyes in front of rolling cameras or fans. To everyone's shock, Kim Jong-kook said that he have once cried in front of Cha Tae-hyun while he was drunk and Tae-hyun actually revealed it. Jong-kook said he mumbles a lot when he is drunk. Since this is the first time Kim Jong-kook ever set foot in Malaysia, he allowed fans to do whatever they want on stage to him with no barriers! His words drew a big roar from the crowd!

After the interview, fans were picked up on stage by lucky draw to play games with Kim Jong-kook. Many fans took the opportunity to give the singer a big hug and he embraced it happily. The punishments Kim Jong-kook received for losing in the games were one of the highlight of the night as he was given task to flash his muscles to the crowd and do Gwiyomi. Fans were charmed by his tough yet cute personality. Kim Jong-kook was then shown to a fan made clip compiled by the event managers, made by fans and specially dedicated to Kim Jong-kook.

After that, Kim Jong-kook returned on stage with his songs, "Men Are All Like That", " Don't Be Too Good To Me", "Star, Wind, Sun and Love", "Loveable" and "Twist King". Fans were cheering along with the song "Loveable" it was a fast and fun song. It definitely lifted the mood after so many sentimental songs by him. Kim Jong-kook was once a boy group member 10 years ago and he admitted that he was a great dancer back then just like Big Bang and Super Junior. He then performed "Twist King", a song from long time ago, with his cute choreography.

Lastly, he ended his showcase with one last encore song, "One Man". He promised to bring members of "Running Man" to Malaysia in the future.

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