19 July 2012

Dearberry launching new products with Boyfriend for the summer

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Bestfriends must have known that Boyfriend is endorsing the new beauty product line named Dearberry which is launching their new products and setting up online stores for international customers. Boyfriend have been working on a new set of beauty products' concept and have been working on the CF filming too.

Dearberry's Facebook and Twitter page have been updating Boyfriend's new photos and their new products. Dearberry have been asking fans o give them some suggestions and idea on their new design and the flavour matching to Boyfriend member's personality.

Well, as a Bestfriend, I have been giving suggestions to Dearberry to help them with the design and also the flavour matching so that the scent matches the boys' personality and style. Check out the Twitter and Facebook screen cap I've done below. I'm sure some international/ Malaysian fans wants to know the details too.

Anyway, Dearberry have updated their Facebook page with a photo event and also some captions.

보이프렌드+고원희 함께한 디어베리 극장광고 이벤트입니당~~ ^^* 블로그에서 자세한 내용을 확인하세요~~~!! 영화예매권을 드려요~~!

티저영상은 여기서~~~! 클릭클릭!
Teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWHHjKvLedU

신제품 개발중입니다!! Squeeze It Baby 스퀴즈 잇 베이비
Tube Lip Gloss 큐브 립 글로스 입니당~~!

블로그에서 색상 확인해주세요 클릭클릭~!
Check the colors on our blog!! Click Above!!

1호 Lolli Pink 롤리 핑크
2호 Red Velvet 레드 벨벳
3호 Orange Caramel 오렌지 카라멜
4호 Top Coat 탑 코트
5호 Red Martini 레드 마티니
6호 Candy Pink 캔디 핑트

보이프렌드 멤버들과 어울리는 컬러를 생각해주세요 ^^*
가장 맘에 드는 색깔이 어떤 색인지도 알려주세요~!
Help us again! Match the colors with boyfriend members!
Also let us know which color you like the most!! :D

Thank you deargirls ♥

트위터 배경인데요 사진으로 올려드릴게요 ^ㅡ^
시원한느낌에 시크한 민우군 넘 이뿌죠~?
This is our new twitter background :D
Cool down the summer heat with cute & chic Min woo's picture with danbi series !! Love you always deargirls ^ 3^ 

단비 미스트 ( danbi facial moisturizing spray)

단비 시리즈 (danbi products)

미리 만나보세요~~ ^.^ www.dearberry.com가서 다른 제품들도 구경하시구요~~~!

We need help from you deargirls on making our new tint lip balm series :D Get excited~! We're going to print boyfriend's signature inside the can, so we need help in matching the members with the scent/design. Berrygirls did the matchings for now as you can see in the picture, but we are prepared to adjust after hearing your opinions!

Raspberry - Youngmin
Sugarberry - Minwoo
Blueberry - Donghyun
Strawberry - Jeongmin
Cranberry - Kwangmin
Blackberry - Hyunseong

Let us know what you think :-) ! Thank you always for your support~!♥

So Deargirls, tweet them your suggestions, it might help!

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