02 July 2012

A day at Korean Village

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After so long, I finally went to my long lost Korean Village which I have been craving to visit for the past few months. As planned, my friends and I had our dinner at the old place, BeeWon. We should have tried other restaurants since I have visited there a couple of times. And so, I had Bibimbap for my dinner. This should be the first time I am trying Bibimbap in Malaysia. The first time was back in Korea and it was very delicious. I was stupid enough to not put the paste into the rice cause I was scared it might be too spicy. In turn out okay this time, the paste wasn't spicy at all, it just looked red.

The egg was cooked perfectly, as the yolk was still wobbling. I mixed the rice together with the paste carefully as the black bowl was so damn hot and it actually burned me a few times. There were also side dishes, tons of them. Eggplant, anchovies, long beans, spinach, mashed potato, seaweed and of course, Kimchi! The best thing about the Bibimbap was the burnt rice underneath. It was burned till black but a bit crunchy and crispy here and there which was nice to chew.

My friends ordered other servings such as Kimchi soup which is awfully nice, Bulgogi, Kimchi friend rice and many more. Kimchi soup was so delicious. I once tried it in Ampang Point and it was so disgusting that me and my family actually trashed the whole big bowl of it. This time the soup tuned out okay, at least for me. I should definitely order it next time. Gulp it all by myself! Hahaha

After eating, I went strolling with KarYan and Jolene at some mini marts. On our way to the marts, I saw so many cute Korean kids, running here and there, shouting, singing, yelling. And of course, the cute guys! I bought SNSD's Vita 500 from the first mini mart we visited. I bought one TaeYeon's and one YoonA's. YoonA's one was the last stock available and I was so lucky to get it. There were only Jessica, TaeYeon and Sunny's left. I can't seems to find the others, guess they were sold out earlier. The other marts weren't selling any of it too.

The uncle that was working in the mini mart can actually speaks Chinese. Guess they must learn it in order to survive in Malaysia? Haha Oh and The Vita 500 was priced RM 2 per bottle which is unexpectedly cheap! I guess it might be around RM 4-5 per bottle since duh, it's Girls' Generation.

Went back kinda late cause I have to wait for my aunt to fetch me back and she was actually having Japanese cuisine while I was having Korean. Well, luckily I didn't spend that much, was controlling myself not too cause I have to save money from now on. :)

I've always have this dream since after SPM to work part time at any of the Korean restaurants in Korean Village. I wonder can I find during me coming semester break? 3 weeks, yikes, anybody takes part time job for 3 weeks only and expects salary? Haha

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