02 July 2012

Boyfriend wrapped up their Japanese showcase

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Boyfriend successfully conclude their showcases in Japan. Their capacity of the showcase amazed many people. There were 40 thousand fans in the venue and it was a big one for a showcase, not concert. There were many photos of the showcase captured that day, and there were really many people in the venue and it was so so packed with fans.

One one the photo from the venue on that day

The boys were so happy after they finish their last showcase. They bowed and was clearly smiling so wide and feeling blessed. By looking at the photos above, Boyfriend's stage had a big LED screen at the back so that fans who were sitting further away could have a clearer look what was happening on the stage, and also watch the boys in a clearer picture. It was really the dream stage for a showcase.

After the showcase ended, Boyfriend didn't forget to give credit to their backstage staffs and also their lovable fans. They updated their Official Japanese Twitter account and also their Official Boyfriend Twitter account with a few photos and also some exclusive backstage photos.

最高のステージと最高のスタッフと最高の観客でした。僕たちも最高のステージのためにもっと努力します。みなさん、本当にありがとうございました!僕たちのデビューシングル「Be my shine ~君を離さない~」期待してください!
The best stage The best staffs The best audience. We worked hard for the best stage, we sincerely thank everybody. Please look forward to our debut single [Be my shine ~君を離さない~]

[B.F민우]일본 쇼케이스 무사히 종료! 400일 같이 못 보내서 우리 베프들 미안해요ㅜㅜ 한번만 용서해주세요♥인기가요 보셨나요? 보이프렌드가 Take7이라니 앞으로도 많은 응원과 사랑 부탁드려요! 담주에 만나요★ 
[B.F MinWoo] Japan's showcase ended successfully! Sorry that we didn't celebrate the 400th day with you guys ㅜㅜ Please forgive us one time. Have you guys watched Inkigayo? We are in Take 7! I hope you guys can continue support and cheer for us! See you guys next week

Boyfriend took photo with a Japanese female artist backstage named 春菜爱

Boyfriend at backstage, taking photo with the backstage staffs. Boyfriend is wearing their official t-shirt!

This was the promo photo of Boyfriend's First Date with BOYFRIEND in Japan

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