03 July 2012

Boyfriend messing around in the airport

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A few fan photos of Boyfriend when they were on their way from Gimpo airport to Japan were uploaded online. The boys were heading to Japan for their first ever Japan showcase a few days back. The photos were taken on 26th of June when they had to leave early to Japan to prepare and rehearse for their showcase which was held on the 30th of June. Boyfriend constantly updated their Official Boyfriend Twitter account and also their Official Japanese Twitter account to keep fans updated.

Bestfriend stalked them when they arrived in the airport in Gimpo, Korea. Many fans were there to wave them goodbye and pray for their safe return. Boyfriend were so friendly and keep on waving and do aegyo in front of the fans. As the maknae, MinWoo did lotsa aegyo towards his fans and were well received by them.

Boyfriend dressed up casually, a shirt and a pair of pants which was nice to look at. They were like normal teenage boys, going out for a trip.

 As you can see, there were many fans lining up at the side, ready to bit Boyfriend farewell.

 MinWoo's bag is cool, would like to have one

Within such close distance, I'm sure fans were over delighted. Well, take a good look while you can girls, cause when Boyfriend become world star, you ain't getting anything more than this.

MinWoo happily skipping around...in the airport

YoungMin standing by the car

KwangMin standing by the car, looking confused

KwangMin standing bvy the car still, looking confused still

This is really a close distance! I'm just happy this photo didn't came out shaky.

KwangMin ah, whatcha thinking of?

KwangMinnie, doesn't he looks perfect all the time? <3

DongHyun the leader, holding his passport and flight ticket. Are you trying to say something, Mister?

JungMin from the back! Oh his bag is gorgeous! This fan was so close and I can definetely feel him already

From left JungMin, HyunSeong and MinWoo. OK I swear I have JungMin's shoe, bought it from Korea 2 years back!

And here's one more! From left JungMin, HyunSeong, YoungMin and DongHyun. OK, HyunSeong looked gorgeous here! Love his stare in this photo. OK, YoungMin, where's your little brother? Why didn't you take care of him? OK, JungMin, stop staring at old uncles please...

And here's one last epic gif!

DONGHYUN, DONT TORTURE MY BABIES! OK, I'm sure they did something annoying first ahaha

From top DongHyun and YoungMin, DongHyun and KwangMin

Photo credit: as watermarked

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