25 June 2012

Super Junior 6th album comeback photo teaser revealed!

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As excited as everybody else is, ELFs are definetely dying to keep track on the photo teaser of Super Junior's 6th album "Sexy, Free & Single" released by SM Entertainment. The first photo teaser to be unveiled was EunHyuk. The comeback of Super Junior's album was announced to be on July 1st. KangIn will also be joining their comeback after returning not long ago from the army.


The second photo released by SM Entertainment is DongHae. DongHae was seen covering a white webbed cloth in his head, wearing a see-through black shirt, he is the perfect goddess in ELF's eyes. Well he definetely seems like one to me! It was announced that the offline release will be on July 4th.


Continue on with the photo teaser, the next to be revealed and much anticipated by fans was the leader, LeeTeuk, followed by RyeoWook. The concept of the comeback for the album still remained a mystery as no official announcement is made till now. And not to mention, the teaser photos definetely looks mysterious. As expected, SM Entertainment likes to reveal series of teasers that doesn't quite relates to the concept so fans will have to keep their fingers crossed to it.



SM then released both teaser photos for YeSung and ShinDong. YeSung looked different from the previous concept and it suits him incrediblely well. The feeling he possessed through the photo gave me a similiar feeling to SNSD Jessica's The Boys teaser photo. Both so elegant and mysteriously gorgeous.



The latest photo teaser released was KangIn and SungMin's. KangIn came back from the army a few weeks ago and was immediately throwing himself into the preparation for the 6th album.



More teaser photos are yet to be revelead and I bet ELFs can't wait to place an eye on the photos as soon as it is released. Members that haven't have their photo teaser released are KyuHyun and SiWon. HeeChul was enlisted in the army so he wasn't able to join the comeback. As for member KiBum, he hasn't join any of the comeback since their hit song Sorry Sorry ended promotion.

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