25 June 2012

Boyfriend's Twitter updates compilation

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On 1st June, Boyfriend's JungMin updated their Official Twitter account with 2 silly selcas of himself, holding the guitar with some captions for both picture.

[B.F정민] 영감이 막 떠올라!!!!!!오!!!!!!! 내 영감을 뮤뱅에서 보여줄 수 있을꺼 같아!!!! 내일 사녹이니까 낮에 밥 많이 먹구 힘내서 만나자!!♥
[B.F JungMin] Inspiration just came up!!!!!! Oh!!!!!!! I'll make sure I show it on Music Bank!!!! See you guys there!!♥

On June 22nd, DongHyun update their Twitter. They were on their way to Music Bank.

[B.F동현] 뮤직뱅크로 출발 !!! 곧봐용용~~ 응원크게해줄거죠?? 그리고... 쌍둥아 일어나ㅋㅋㅋ
[B.F DongHyun] On the way to Music Bank!!! Are you guys coming?? See you guys there~~ And..you twins.. wake up!!! Hehehe

On June 23rd, JungMin update the Twitter again...LOL This time with all of the members in it!

[B.F정민] 우리가 직접 쓴 러브레터♥받으셨나요? 다음주에 일본 쇼케이스로 한주 못 만나더라도 잊지말기!! 난 늘 베프 생각뿐인데 바람피면 오빠한테 혼난다?ㅋㅋㅋ
[B.F JungMin] Did you guys receive the love letters♥ that we’ve sent? Don’t forget about us even if we won't be here next week!! You know that I always think about BESTFRIEND?! Don’t cheat on me~~!?! hehehe

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