19 December 2011

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My polaroid! Taken with Alexander during the lunch gathering this afternoon. He was charming~<3 He said he likes durian and he even brought one back to his hotel and ate it in the bathroom lol

A very memorable day as I was so close with Xander at almost zero distance. Got this photograph and also a hug from him, eh no, two hugs actually, including the goodbye hug <3 The lunch was great, lasted for an hour full with laughters. Xander do the talking mostly and told us some secrets.

He said Ukiss trained for 6 months before debut unlike the others who trained for 6-7 years. That’s the tough part when they start to get popular, they have to perform and practice at the same time. He said his withdrawal from Ukiss was complicated and he asked us to keep the convo between us and him a secret and I’ll have to since he said it should be private and confidential.

He also signed on my Iphone case which initially have the autograph of all UKISS members except for Xander and Kibum, but with Hoon and AJ. Now i feel better to see his autograph on his Iphone case. I sat beside him throughout the lunch gathering :) he wanted fans to be close together so that everyone can hear him and he can hear everyone. I swear his complexion was ANGELIC!! *faints~

Well, tomorrow I’m still going to his showcase, every ticket holder entitled a card calender which we can bring it on stage to let him sign. But I will still but his album tomorrow anyway. He will be signing on the album too ;D

*oh and i took a selca with him too with my handphone. will be updating it tomorrow. It will be my wallpaper and profile photo on facebook for the rest of the year ;p

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