27 May 2011

2AM Exclusive autograph session

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I saw 2AM!! The autograph event started at 8pm, I reached there a little bit late, unfortunately the free albums were all given out. I got a poster for them to sign anyway. Around 8.20pm, 2AM showed up. They were all dressed in white suit with a cute smile on their face. I totally fell for Seulong, he is so cute in person!!

Changmin too! They really looked so handsome! I didn't really listen to what they said during the interview session because everyone was so noisy and i find the translator sos cute! <3 haha He's a korean obviously. Anyway, back to 2AM, they surprisingly sang a song before the autograph session begins. They sang YOU WOULDN'T ANSWER MY CALL, it reminds me of Seulong in the video. How cute! They sang it live and it was stunning!

Their vocals are really good, no lie! They really sang well! Or should I say they sang really well? After the song, the fans started to make their lines at the right side of the stage. I didn't wanted to go out so early since once you get down from the stage, you have to leave the building immediately. I took lots of lots of pictures. Many people was lining up and I saw 2 fans with posters were not allowed to take their autographs. So, I went back to reach the organizers and ask them about it. After their re-confirmation, I went to line up as the last 15. When I reached the side of the stage, the staffs stopped me from going up stage without an album. I told them the staffs behind said poster is allowed. Then an Indian lady came and said,:it's the last already, just let them up with the poster." The staff then took the number from me and let me up.

The first was Changmin, I said hi to him and he replied. He was just smiling and smiling. The next was Jokwon. I said hi to him and he said thank you all the way. His skin was so fair! he was skinny too! The next one was Jinwoon, I said hi to him in korean and he was a little surprised and shocked. He smile so charmingly and said thank you. The last one is my bias, Seulong!I said hi to him and he said thank you. He smiled all the way and he was just too cute to handle! He was the only one I asked for a handshake. He shake my hand politely, damn the staff beside him was like, "sorry, sorry:\" and using her hand to cut me off. I didn't care much because I knew that is my only chance to touch his hands.

After he finish signing, I got off stage. Many fans were still gathering outside. We then saw 2 vans parking by the lobby.Many thought 2AM will be taking the vans back since the window was so dark. Then all of a sudden, many people were screaming and chasing a van coming out from the opposite side. YUP! IT WAS 2AM!! The securities held up their clothings to block us from taking photos of them( and i really don't know what for). God was with us that day, it was so jammed up. We ran to the vehicles and video taped them. Well, at least I still got a glimpsed at the boys! Finally, the van sped off. Everyone was still screaming and dreaming like me and I can actually see that! LOL I'm ready for tomorrow! I bet it will be awesome!!

Check out here for photos on that day!

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