27 May 2011

2AM Exclusive showcase day!

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Today was really a tiring day! I woke up a little late cause was too tired, around 11am. Went to Wisma MCA around 1.30pm. Many fans were there already, lining in front of me was like 200 of them. As time goes by, many of them keep cutting lines. While twitting and facebook-ing, I was Mykpophuntress was actually there too! I went in front and talked to them. They agreed to let me join them. It was like 20 in front of me. it was so near to the front line! They let us in around 5pm. Digi started screening the tweets from fans. Mine was shown a few times on t6.20pm, the big screen. Around the emcee, Jin(Hitzfm) came out and warmed up the fans. Then, 2AM came out and sang around 6 songs. It was so awesome!

They prepared a video for the fans. It was a story about how they met each other and their 1st impression towards each other and also what happened during their trainee days. They actually cried when they 1st debut on stage. Jokwon actually have been a trainee for 2700+ days. It was such a hard destiny for him. Jinwoon was actually angry with 2 things. One was because he never had the chance to sing the chorus part in 2AM's songs since the "THIS SONG". He actually went to the karaoke room to sing the chorus part of 2AM's song for almost 52 times! He wanted to sing the chorus so badly.

The second thing was he did not have any solo career like the other members did. Jokwon had his own variety show with Ga-in in "We got married" while Changmin sang duet with other singers and it was a hit! Seulong too sang a song with IU and actually got 1st in Musicbank. He always wanted to have his own solo career. He then asked the producers to help him in producing songs. He finally wrote a rock song and texted JYP, saying that this song will be his solo song! But then JYP didnt respond towards his text message. He called JYP and there was no answer too! He spoke the line which Seulong said in the music video "YOU WOULDN'T ANSWER MY CALL", then 2AM came out and sang their hearts out. Their live singing was so good! The the video continued with how they met each other.

1st was Jokwon. He was mopping the floor and singing in the practice room. Then Seulong came in. He thought Seulong was younger than him and he was ready to show him that he is more powerful as he was already a trainee there. But then when Seulong show him his ID, he was actually older than him. He said that he 1st saw Seulong, he was so nervous. He even get tripped by his own legs. He always dance carelessly too!

Nest was Jinwoon. They said that he was so tall and keep on smiling and greets them as soon as he stepped in the dancing room. Then, Changmin was the last to join them. They 1st saw him was he was carrying a big tank full of water and they thought he was just a staff when he appeared by the corridor. Jokwon said that there was once when he slided the car door and Jinwoon skidded and jumped in the car and got the best seat. Besides, there was once when they ordered different dishes or dinner and Jinwoon ended up buying only JaJangMyeon for everyone. There was also once when Changmin had to clean the dancing room by himself and Jinwoon said he will help him up next time. After a few more songs and games, we sang Happy Birthday song to Seulong, Jinwoon and Changmin, the May babies! In korean and Malay. The cake was a twin tower.

After that, games and songs were continued. The finally sang their last song. The we shouted encore and they went back on stage to sing the one last song. Then they walked off the stage and marked the end!! The ticket price was so worth the showcase and the autograph session, it cost only RM80 by reloading DIGI's number.

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