01 May 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-12 in Seoul, Korea

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I woke up early today because I've planned to visit Lotte World! I've been dreaming to visit this place for ages. The last time I came to Korea in 2008, Lotte World was under construction so I went to Everland instead. Today is the second last day I'll be in Seoul (extended my Seoul stay for 2 days). It is the 1st of May in Korea and it is actually Children's Day. Yup, me visiting theme park on Children's Day...

At the entrance lining up to buy tickets

It was really sad because it was packed with tourist, students and children. The rides were pretty exciting but the queues for the rides were insane. It was really sunny, must be a fun day to be out in the sun, riding roller coasters. Instead, I went to the indoor theme park and play. They have nice indoor facilities too. I've only managed to ride a few rides which I don't remember the name. Yeah, visiting theme park during holiday season was a bad choice. Tsk.

Standing on the bridge I've wanted to stand for so long :)

Taadaa, the ice rink!

I had my lunch at one of the restaurants in the indoor area. It is a food court called Arirang. Was expecting the pork cutlet rice to be as good as the one I've tried nearby N Seoul Tower but it wasn't good at all. They served it too cold. One portion costed 10,000₩ ㅠㅠ

The pork cutlet

The one and only thing that attracts me all along was the ice rink. I've seen two hit Kdramas filming here. First, Full House, Second, Stairway to Heaven. Sadly, the infamous painting that was featured in Stairway to Heaven that was supposed to be hanging on the wall beside the merry-go-round was removed. Anyways, NU'EST actually came to Lotte World for ice skating in one of their LOVE STORY episode. I was so excited to be there too. The good thing is that not many people are in the ice rink and it is cheaper to buy the ice rink entrance fee if you enter after 7PM.

My sister and I in the ice rink

In the ice rink by myself

Left Lotte World at around 9PM. I've bought coffee from Angel-In-Us because the weather was so cold and windy. Now I know why Koreans like to drink coffee or hold a cup of coffee. It's because the weather is so damn cold, a warm coffee is just nice to hold to keep your hands warm. I took the subway and travelled to Cheonggu to have the best ddeokbokki in town.

The best ddeokbokki ever!

I've done a few research on ddeokbokki and most of the bloggers recommended this particular restaurant called 마복림. It is opened 24 hours, just nice for me to spend my day in Lotte World and have some late night snack/dinner afterwards. Fyi, NU'EST also came here in the same episode where they went to Lotte World. I didn't planned exactly to follow them but it happened to be the same :) just that they visited the ddeokbokki restaurant before going to Lotte World and I went the other way round. The restaurant offers ddeokbokki in different portions and most of the people came in groups to eat together. I've order 2 portion of ddeokbokki and it costed 11,000₩. My sister and I could finish it. It would be just nice if 4 person sharing a portion of 3.
After finishing my late dinner, it was around 11:15PM. I went to the exact place where NU'EST sat and took pictures before leaving. Thank god the subway was still working (according to the web, most of them are closed after 10:30-11:00PM). 

Bye bye Lotte World, see ya next time!

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