23 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-4 in Seoul, Korea

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Woke up very late today because yesterday was too awesome! Left the hostel at around 2PM and was chilling in the room for the whole morning. Was too tired to leave the bed. Since I woke up late today, I shall visit places that requires less walking and more eating! I have been doing some reseach on the places NU'EST went when they were self-recording the episodes for NU'EST LOVE STORY. MinHyun and Ren spent their day off exploring Apgujeong and ate good food. So I checked on the exact branch they had their lunch and dessert, it was at Burger Hunter and Mango Six, Apgujeong branch. It is nearer to reach there by exiting through Apgujeong Rodeo station. Anyways, I am very excited!

The old song machine decoration at the entrance of Burger Hunter restaurant, really cool!

The interior design is so beautiful

I went for Burger Hunter first because I was very hungry since I didn't have any breakfast except for a few gulps of milk (btw the fresh milk sold in Korea tasted very nice). I've ordered the exact set MinHyun and Ren ordered when they were here. I'm not 100% sure that I have ordered the same thing but base on the looks of the burger, I think I've got it right. I also sat on the exact seats where both of them have sat and took pictures :) They ordered barbeque burger and mushroom cheese burger. Both of the burgers tasted like heaven! It was so nice. 

Burger Hunter's menu

But yeah, it is pricey as well. One burger costed around 9,300 (around RM28). I have also ordered a french fries called the kimchi beef french fries which was covered in cheese. It tasted veryyyyyyyy goooooddddd (That's the only way I can tell you how good it is). I'm not sure whether is it halal or not because there isn't a halal sign on the menu and Ren significantly pointing out that this is not normal burgers but they are homemade burgers. That's true! Well at least that is what they say on the menu.

The mushroom cheese burger with chips and ketchup

The kimchi beef french fries, the best french fries I have ever tasted!

While I was eating, 2 guys came in, looking suspicious as they were wearing hoodies and caps and was trying to avoid attention. I was very positive that they were trainees but I don't know whether which companies they were from. Well of course, I secretly took a photo of them. When they were about to leave, the waitress asked them whethere they are trainees and they said yes. After they left, the waitress were fan girling with another friend of hers. How cute.

Sitting where Ren sat while filming for NU'EST LOVE STORY episode

And of course where MinHyun sat too

So after having lunch, it is dessert time! I went to Mango Six, the same branch NU'EST's MinHyun and Ren went before they have their burgers. I sat at the 2nd floor where MinHyun and Ren sat too! Fortunately there were no one sitting at the place where they were sitting. If not I'll have to wait for them to leave before I can take pictures and have my dessert haha. By the way, other than Ren and MinHyun, the other members, Baekho, Aron and JR also came here before by themselves. They sat at the different table but it was just next to where Ren and MinHyun sat. I took pictures too and sat exactly where they sat. OMO I sat on NU'EST's butts the whole day.

MinHyun by the window glass

Baekho took the picture in the morning while mine was around evening


JR's selca


I also ordered what Ren and Minhyun ordered (duh!), which was Vanilla Gorrila with Strawberry (idk why my berries where blended while Ren and Minhyun's berries where on top on the vanilla shake) and Mango flakes with red bean. The Vanilla Gorrila costed 5,500 while the Mango flakes costed 14,000. A friendly reminder, do not order the flakes by yourself, you can never finish it up by your own. 4 people sharing one would be nice! And add some toppings if possible because if not, you would feel like you are eating mangoes and ice cream with plain shaved ice. The red beans is a nice topping to add :)

Vanilla Gorilla shake with strawberry

Mango flakes with red bean toppings

After eating, I've spent some time, trying to get the angles right to snap the exactly picture NU'EST filmed themselves while they were here. Then it was time to leave. Since SM Town Pop Up Store was near to one of the subway station I need to pass by while getting myself back to my hostel, I've decided to stop by and take a look before they close (working hours till 9:30PM). I got there at around 9:00PM and the staffs were still so polite, cheerful and helpful. They will go around, asking if you need help finding any stuffs. They speak simple English too!

Well, I didn't get myself anything tho cause it was expensive as expected since all of them are official goods. But there were lots of clothes, bags and shoes selling at the 1st floor (SM store is at B1, which is below 1st floor). The clothes are really nice! They are official LINE clothes I guess. Tho it was expensive but the quality is really good. Too bad the clothes are a little thick for me to bring it back to Malaysia.

That's all for today. Came back at 10PM and it is already passed 12AM now because this stupid computer is so laggy and it closed down for the 453256436th times.

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