18 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-2 in Busan, Korea

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Woke up at around 9:3OAM (Korean time). Didnt have any breakfast at the hostel tho they provide because I've planned to have breakfast, or more accurately brunch, at the infamous Twin Pork Soup Rice restaurant. Before heading out, I've bought the T-MONEY card from the mart called GS 25 and reloaded the card there as well for easy excess to the subway stations and other transportation. Took the subway and exit #3 at Dayeon station (location here). It was really easy to find as it is very near to the exit of the station. I've managed to reach there at a time where there were no people lining outside the restaurant, waiting to get in for lunch.

Twin Pork Soup restaurant

The food was very nice! It came in a big portion with pork soup, rice and side dished (5,500\ per portion). The ahjumma who served me recognized that my sister and I are twins. Can't really finish the whole bowl because it is really big with lots of meat. Not to mention, the guy who sat beside my table looked like Yoon Si-yoon, I thought it was really him but he looked a bit fairer and younger so it wasn't him I guess, too bad.

After eating, I've headed to the Gwangalli beach. It was so windy, I've bought a cup of hot chocolate from Starbucks (5100\ for regular) nearby the beach to warm myself. The beach was really nice and clean. You can see the Gwangan bridge too. There was also a group of elementary school kids picking up rubbish at the beach side.

At Gwangalli beach

School kids at Gwangalli beach

A hot Starbucks drink to warm myself up

 Gwangalli beach

After the 276349th jump

I've also headed to the cherry blossom street near Gwangalli but sadly due to the rain yesterday, there were no cherry blossom :( All I can see was petals on the ground. It was a waste as the street was hard to find and my legs were so sore after walking long distance under such cold weather.

Cherry Blossom street

Next stop was the Millak Waterside Park. Gosh the walking distance was crazy! Riding a bike would be wayyyy better. But I guess that is the only way if you don't want to take bus or taxi because the nearest subway station is located quite far away. The view was nice, you can see lighthouses and the Gwangan bridge much more nearer. I can see that there are some couples chilling at the sitting area and some friends and family gathering there with some ordered food. Pigeons will be walking beside you if you have food with you so don't freak out!

Resting by the river side

At Millak Waterside Park

I've also tried some street food from a small food stall by the road. Had some fishcakes and rice cakes (700\ per portion for fish cakes and 500\ per portion for rice cakes). It was so warm! There was this elderly who sat beside me talked to me when he heard my sister and I talking in Chinese and he greeted me in Chinese!

Fish cakes

So here goes the random conversation...

Him: 你好
Me: 你好!
Him: 你的家在哪里?
Me: Malaysia
Him: 어? 아 말레이시아!
Are you student?
Me: Yes
Him: First time in Busan?
Me: Yes! *stupidly giggled*

After eating.

Him: Have a nice trip!
Me: Thank you!

Enough with random talks, I've also went to the Busan Cinema Center. It is an outdoor cinema where the Busan International Film Festival was held. INFINITE also did a review on the venue when they were filming for the TRUNQ KOREA video. It was really big, nice and very clean! Although it was an outdoor cinema, the sound system is very good, The last stop for today was Shinsegae Mall. It is a really famous mall in Busan, it is like the Pavilion of Kuala Lumpur where they sell lots of branded stuffs and food.

At Busan Cinema Center

U-KISS' former member Alexander recommended the ice cream called SOFTREE and I've managed to spot one in the mall. The Korean girls standing behind me suggested that we try the honey chip flavour. It tasted sooo good I can't even describe it in words. The vanilla ice-cream has a very strong milk taste and smooth. They added a piece of real honey on top of the ice cream. They tasted so good together. It was a bit pricey, around 4800\ for a small cup but it is still worth a try!

Finally, went to the food court for dinner but they were all cleaning up and closing. I had to have Lotteria on the way back to my hostel. There is a Lotteria located not far away from my hostel. I tried their Chicken burger while my sister tried there Hanwoo burger. The taste was just okay, almost like McDonald's.

Lotteria burger sets

Back to the hostel around 10:30PM, after getting freshen up and changing done, I'm here writing this post at 1:05AM. Can't wait to be in Seoul for something exciting!

*I have to admit, Busan boys are gorgeous! I can spot them anywhere. In the subway, along the road, in a restaurant, in the hostel, delivery guy... Girls in Busan are so lucky!

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