20 January 2013

Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur Day 1

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Fans started to queue at the Sepang International Circuit entrance as early as 8am to secure a front row view. The entrance was opened at 2.30pm. By the time, fans were geared up to enter the venue. Fans had to walk a long stretch of road before they could reach the ticket entrance. Fans have to line up according to their ticket category. The exclusive red carpet event was scheduled to start around 5.00pm so the Samsung Galaxy ticket holders were allowed to enter the venue at 4.30pm.

Gates were opened on time and fans were pleased as it was tiring queuing up as early as 8am and waited under burning hot sun for 8 hours straight. The red carpet event was simple and short as nominated artistes arrived at the red carpet area with their SUVs. It was more of a short photo taking session by the medias and the artistes did a short briefing on themselves before heading backstage to do interviews with medias. Fans were all hyped out when screams could be heard along the way.

When the stage entrance was opened, fans became a little too chaotic as they could not wait to enter. The gate were pushed open, leaving securities worrying about their safety. The award show was predicted to kick off at 7.30pm and it did. The emcee for Day 1 was CN Blue’s Jung Yong-hwa and KARA’s Nicole Jung. Yong-hwa spoke in Korean as it is a Korean award event while Nicole spoke English, impressing the crowd with her fluent English. Before they take their role as the emcee of the day, the 2 of them who are from popular boy band and girl group gave fans an explosive opening performance. Nicole and Yong-hwa sang “Because Of You” (Neyo’s version). What captured the hearts’ of the fans was Nicole’s sexy chair dance at the very beginning.

First off, Yong-hwa and Nicole did a short introduction and gave an opening speech by giving fans insights of The Golden Disk Awards on how votes were calculated and how awards were granted. The first award was the Golden Disk Award Album Division. It was won by Infinite, B1A4, CN Blue, FT Island, BEAST, 4minute, KARA, SHINee and Super Junior.

Each performance from the artist comes along after they have given their thank you speech. The first 2 groups to perform were Infinite and B1A4. Infinite performed 2 of their hit title track, “The Chaser” and “Paradise”. B1A4 sang their new comeback song “Tried To Walk” and “Baby Goodnight”. Infinite wow fans with their synchronized choreography while B1A4 surprised fans with their striking red costumes.

The second award to be given out was New Rising Kpop Star. This award is to be given to a rookie or rookie group who have debuted not long ago and have proved that they are definitely a star or group to keep an eye on with their skyrocketing popularity. This award were granted to SM’s new creation, EXO and FNC’s new it girl, Juniel. EXO proved to the crowd that they deserved the award by performing their hit debut song “MAMA” and “History”. Juniel in other hand, sang a lovely song “Bad Person” and a duet with her senior CN Blue’s Jong-hyun, “Illa Illa”.

Next up, 3 awards were given away at the same time, Next Generation Star, Best Dance Performance and Best Group Performance. BTOB, the newly debuted boy group from Cube Entertainment took the Next Generation Star award home, leaving Melodies with a smile on their faces. The Best Dance Performance was awarded to the talented mixed group, Trouble Maker. Since the exotic performance Trouble Maker gave during the MAMA Stage in Singapore, they have been conquering hearts of many young fans around the globe with their sexy and powerful dance moves. Lastly, nobody deserves the Best Group Performance other than Infinite. Infinite was well known with their synchronized group performance and have made them a tough competitor in the industry.

Trouble Maker, made up from Cube Entertainment consisting HyunA from 4minute and Jang Hyun-seung from Beast was the first to perform among the 3 of them. The sexy performance of them made fans cheered for more but unfortunately, they only sang their title song, “Trouble Maker”. Next up, BTOB took the stage. The new boy group rocked the crowd with their hit songs “Insane” and “WOW”. The catchy song of theirs made Melodies hyped up.

FT Island continued to heat up the crowd by singing “I Wish” and “Life”. Lee Hong-ki, the main singer of the group was the bomb of the night. The vocal and expression of his throughout the night was indescribable. The band was amazing as they showed off their guitar and rapping skills perfectly on stage. Lee Hong-ki was the emcee for The 27th Golden Disk Awards on Day 2 along with Da-som from SISTAR.

MSN Southeast Asia Award, a special award given to Super Junior was they were voted for the best group on MSN. Si-won, a member of Super Junior gave his thank you speech after receiving the award from the MSN representative. Followed by CN Blue and Kara, they were voted as Malaysia’s most favourite group. Yong-hwa, the emcee of the day thanked Boice for voting for them and even stated that they will be back for CN Blue’s concert in Malaysia soon. The sweet girls of Kara were thrilled to receive the award. Nicole, emcee of the day thanked Malaysian Kamilias in English and walked away with a trophy on their hands.

B1A4 had a special stage after KARA and CN Blue left the stage. They shed off their striking red look and appeared in a black and white look. BTOB and Exo also performed a special stage song after B1A4 which were dedicated to Melodies and Exotics. The powerful performance by Exo really amazed the crowd. 

4minute and CN Blue came under the spotlight to receive their Golden Disk Award Album Division. 4minute teased fans with their long legs and pretty faces. 4minute performed “Volume Up”, “Pretend” and “Hot Issue” afterwards. The catchy song of theirs made fans craved for more. CN Blue gave their best on stage by performing “Hey You” and “Intuition”. The awesome performances leave fans with jaw-dropping expression.

After the performance, it is back to award ceremony time. This time, 2 awards were given at the same time. JTBC Best Artiste goes to Beast and Producer of the Year goes to Han Seung-ho from FNC. Beast was dressed in smart black and white suits with tie. They were more than happy to receive the meaningful award. This is the 5th time for Beast to land their feet in Malaysia and Beauties were excited to meet them after a long time. Artistes from FNC such as FT Island, CN Blue and Juniel came up to the stage and congratulated Han Seung-ho for winning the award.

Beast sang “Special” and “Beautiful Night” for the night. Lee Gi-kwang, unfortunately tore his pants while dancing to “Special”. He went backstage to change his pants but I guess there were no extra pants for him and he had to continue performing, without changing his tore pants. Still, Beast gave a beastly performance and sang to their latest hit song “Beautiful Night”.

Kara in the other hand performed their sexy song “Pandora”, “Mister” and “Step”. However, due to the spotlight problem, lighting went off during Kara’s “Pandora” performance. The girls were requested to dance again for the recording as the award show wasn't a live show. While waiting for the lighting problem to be solved, the girls went backstage, preparing to hit the stage again. As a professional emcee, Yong-hwa kept the fans entertained by creating Mexican wave. Fans were more than excited to cooperate. Good job Yong-hwa!

The last two performance of the night were Super Junior and SHINee. Super Junior brought home 3 big awards which were Golden Disk Award Album Division, Album of the Year and MSN Southeast Asia Award. Super Junior performed their hit songs such as “Super Man”, “Bonamana”, “Oppa Oppa” and “Sexy, Free & Single”. Their extraordinary performance captivated ELFs heart and made the long wait worthwhile. They were friendly to the crowd and Kang-in nearly shed tears while receiving the grand award and were teased by his fellow group mate.

Last but not least, SHINee finally step on the land of Malaysia. Despite the cancelled event in 2012, SHINee made Shawols shed tears by performing “Sherlock” and “Lucifer”. Shawols were screaming their lungs out for SHINee and chanted “SHINee’s back” and “SHINee’s in the house”. It was a touching performance as it was a dream comes true for all Shawols who have been waiting for them. 

At the end of the event, all the artistes gathered on stage to bid farewell to their fans and to make the closing. A few of the groups did not last until the end because of their tight schedule and had to depart early. Once again, congratulations to all the winners and do comeback to Malaysia soon!

Visit here for more photos of Samsung Galaxy The 27th Golden Disk Awards in Kuala Lumpur : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.591910564157687.148854.100000162475506&type=1

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