04 October 2012

T-ARA exploded the showcase with their charms

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T-ARA came to Malaysia yesterday (3rd Oct) to hold a showcase at Menara PGRM, although it was their first ever showcase here in Malaysia, they manage to give out an extremely excellent performance. Fans went wild when they made their appearance by kicking off with their hit songs Lovey Dovey, Why Are You Like This, Roly Poly, Bo Beep Bo Beep, Day By Day and Sexy Love.

During their Bo Beep Bo Beep song, T-ARA wore their iconic cat costume gloves. The cute facial expressions of them really brought the crowd to the peak! The girls then threw their gloves to the fans. The glove from one of the girls actually hit by leg as I was sitting in front, before I could turn back and pick it up, a fan at the back manage to grab it before me, how sad.

T-ARA changed 2 sets of performance outfit that day, one was a bright red theme outfit with ribbons and polka dots, the other one was a black tight shorts and tube with a white stripe coat. T-ARA kept their promise as they really did tried their best to speak Malay and English throughout the showcase. They keep on tossing lovable phrases they learnt such as "Am I cute?" "Aku Cinta Padamu" "Terima Kasih"...

In between the performance, T-ARA drew the lucky draw box to choose lucky fans up on stage to play games with T-ARA. A few were called but none of them went up to claim their "prizes", and so T-ARA decided to do the countdown and continue drawing other lucky winners. At last, both selected fans were male fans. EunJung, HyoMin and Boram was grouped as group 1 while SoYeon, JiYeon, Qri and Ahreum was on group 2. EunJung shook the lucky guy's hand while HyoMin gave him a big hug when he went on stage. Both of them were asked to dance to T-ARA's song. Who ever gets louder applause will be crowned as the winner. Luck was on group 2's side as the lucky fan manage to grab more attention from the crowd. Therefore by winning the challenge, he got to take a group photo with T-ARA using his own phone and also an autographed Sexy Love album by T-ARA. Both fans won themselves an autographed album but the winner got a big group hug from the pretty girls as an additional reward. The crowd went wild when T-ARA initiated the group hug.

After singing 6 songs, the girls announced that they are going to sing their last song, Sexy Love. After their performance, fans didn't move an inch but yelled encore. After 5 minutes, T-ARA returned on stage and sang Roly Poly again. This time, the girls were so hyper and full of extra energy as they were busy giving fan service and posing for their fans. When the crowd went wild with the fan service, fans started to throw their smartphones on stage. BoRam took one of the smartphone and selca on stage as requested by fans. After that, more and more people started throwing phones on stage and asked the girls to take photo with it.

Lucky me as I brought my polaroid camera along, I asked a Korean photographer who was in front of the stage to pass the camera to JiYeon. JiYeon noticed I was going to pass her the polaroid camera, she stood near the stage and took the camera from the photographer. JiYeon then asked SoYeon to join her in the picture. The photo came out perfect! JiYeon then wanted to pass me back my polaroid camera, but then she did not know how to pass it down back, she stood there in front of the stage, waiting securities to take notice. I tapped one of the security guard to pass the camera and the polaroid back to me and he did. I was so happy to get the polaroid back.

T-ARA then proceeded with their high five sessions with fans. The first 200 fans who bought the VIP tickets were entitled with a stage access pass and also a pre autographed poster. To catch T-ARA's attention, I spotted a few fans who turned up with something unique. A group of Japanese fans came to support T-ARA and one of them was wearing a full outfit of Rilakkuma. Another guy I spotted shaved his hair to label "T-ARA" on his head.

Before the showcase end, fans sang SoYeon a birthday song and brought her a cake for her surprise birthday celebration. The showcase lasted around 1 and a half hours. SoYeon said they are so happy many fans came to support and they will be back soon. So Queens, keep supporting T-ARA and wait for their return!

Visit here for more photos of T-ARA's showcase in Malaysia : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.537080232974054.138828.100000162475506&type=3

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