24 September 2012

The day prince Il-woo melted fans' hearts

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Jung Il-woo made his grand entrance to Times Square today right on time. Event starts on 2pm and he arrived not later than 2pm. Fans shouted his name and cheered for him when he step on stage with a bunch of body guards around to protect him for his safety. Jung Il-woo took the stage with a cheerful and bright smile. He greeted fans as soon as he took the microphone. He blew "Aku Cinta Pada Mu" to fans' ears and melted their little hearts.

Before proceeding to the interview session by the emcee and medias, staffs moved a comfortable sofa on stage for Il-woo to sit. But since the fans were all standing and there is no way for Il-woo to see the fans who were standing far away from stage, he decided not to sit down and prefer standing up so his fans could see him. How sweet of him even though there were a big flat screen behind which fans can see him through it.

Jung Il-woo listening to the translator's translation from the emcee 

During the interview, Il-woo was asked to sing and dance to SISTAR's song which he shyly said it was long time ago since he did that and he couldn't remember, but he praised the song Alone and So Cool. Jung Il-woo said he will be visiting Indonesia soon too! While the interview was going on, Il-woo heard fans from upper level screaming his name. He looked up and waved to them a few times to show that he really appreciate them being here. He keep on waving to the fans and showed his signature eye smile.

Jung Il-woo taking photos with the officials

Jung Il-woo taking group photo with the lucky fans

After awhile, the winners from lucky draw and top spenders were lined up to go on stage 6 by 6 to take a group photo with Jung Il-woo. Fans who went up stage quickly took advantage by shaking his hands, hugging him, requesting for personal photos, giving him presents/flowers and some even try to take selca with him on stage and got boos from the crowd. Well, who would allow their idol to be personal with a fan right? Thank you to our prince charming, he tried hard not to make fans angry and to be fair to everyone, he avoided special request, what a smart move.

Jung Il-woo autographed his posters for fans

The last fan in line

Autograph session started without wasting anytime, table and chair were moved on stage and fans were lined up accordingly by the side of the stage. Jung Il-woo was given a stack of posters. Every lucky fan was entitled to get an autographed poster of Jung Il-woo with their name written on it. Maybe there were too many unfamiliar names for him to write and he had to write quickly, I wrote a name wrong and he shyly took a poster and rewrite and resign it again. Who would blame him when he gave such cute smile to your face?

After the autograph session, medias were invited on stage to take photo of him with the fans. It was chaotic as Jung Il-woo didn't know where to stand. In a minute he actually jump off the stage and stood in front of the crowd. Fans swarm towards him like piranhas and securities guarded by his side as properly as possible. He then was invited on stage again so that fans can rearrange themselves. Phew, I hope no one get hurt cause everyone was busy getting close to the prince.

Jung Il-woo shocked by the sudden birthday song sang by fans

Before ending the event, fans sang 3 versions of birthday song (Korean, English and Malay)  to Il-woo as his birthday falls on September, sadly without a cake. It was a last minute surprise rehearsal so I don't think Holika Holika planned it and was requested by fans on the spot before his arrival. Jung Il-woo was shocked and he smiled and thanked fans for the songs. He appreciated fans being here to see him today and he made a heart shape to all the fans. Fans crowded him when he made is way off stage. Fans who were standing outside the bars were running towards him, pushing here and there just to catch a glimpse of that perfect thing.

Jung Il-woo didn't leave completely. He went to the 1st floor, to Holika Holika's shop. Fans were already crowding themselves there. When Il-woo arrived, he was sent straight into the shop first and took photos with the staffs. Before going int he shop, Il-woo made a hand print of him on a molded sand paste. He pressed both his palms onto the paste so that his hand prints are visible on the mold. In the mean while, outside the shop, fans were trying to calm themselves down. Il-woo took a few photos in the shop and was strolling around to check out the products and new promotions. Although he didn't purchase anything, he took a good look around the shop while medias were busy taking photos of him. He posed in front of his LED board with a cute smile.

Jung Il-woo with the sales girls of Holika Holika

Jung Il-woo spent less than 15 minutes in the shop and left afterwards. Fans chased him after he left too. The exhausted me decided to stay in the shop, get some fresh air and redeem my free egg soap from Holika Holika. Holika Holika also came up with a promotion immediately. The limited edition Jung Il-woo travel kit is sold at RM19.23, only in Berjaya Times Square outlet.

There was a big life size stand board of Jung Il-woo prepared by Holika Holika. Fans were rushing in queue to take photo with it. This make up to those who didn't have a chance to take photo with him on stage. Well, obviously I lined up too!

Visit here for more photos of Holika Holika A Date with Jung Il-woo : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.532635276751883.137666.100000162475506&type=3

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