22 September 2012

Boyfriend held fan sign for Dearberry in Daegu!

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Today, Boyfriend held a fan sign for Dearberry at Daegu. The boys updated a new group selca after the fan sign on their official cafe.

Dearberry updated a photo of the fan sign before everyone set in on their Facebook and Twitter. Fans from different country poured their sighs over on Dearberry's page, saying how much they want to be at the venue. Korean fans are just so lucky!

120922 YoungMin Cafe Update:

2012.09.22 토요일
상큼한 카리스마가

오늘은 예쁘게 상큼한 포즈~~!! 대구에 생긴 디어베리! 우리 팬들 만나서 너무 좋았어요^^ 내일 경주에서 모두 또 만나기~~ -

2012.09.22 Saturday
Refreshing Charisma

Handsome and refreshing pose for today~~!! At Daegu's Dearberry! I'm so happy to see our fans^^ Tomorrow, we'll meet at Kyeongju~~

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