12 September 2012

Bora nearly falls and Hyorin saved the day

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SISTAR made an appearance at the Courageous Concert which was held on 9th at Yonsei University in Seoul. SISTAR joined this concert as it was a meaningful event because the donations collected was to be used to pay college student's scholarship across the country. The singers did not get any performance fee as it was for charity.

During SISTAR's performance, Bora nearly fell off the stage when she was standing at the border line of the stage. Bora was wearing high heels when she stepped on the edge of the side of the stage. Hyorin was right beside her and was lucky and quick enough to lend her a helpful hand before anything happen. Hyorin's action saved Bora from falling off the high stage.

Through the photo captured, we can see that shocked expression of Bora. Fans were just glad that nothing happened and Bora should be extra careful next time standing on stage. Bora once fell hard on the stage when she was performing back in 2010 and fractured her thumb.

Professionally, SISTAR proceeded with their performance as if nothing happened.

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