06 June 2012

EdVentures in Asia! by Chef Edward Kwon

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OK, so basically I just discovered this handsome looking Korean celebrity chef who has been working as a head chef in the one and only 7 star restaurant in the world in Dubai. People didn't referred him as a celebrity chef just because of his looks but also his career. He had cooked for Madonna, Tiger Woods, Pierce Brosnan, Maria Sharapova, George Clooney, US former president George W. Bush and many more! His name is Edward Kwon Young-min. He owns a restaurant called Eddy's cafe in South Korea. Read more about him here!

And so, Live Inspired @LITVChannel tweeted a photo of Edward Kwon, "Chef Edward Kwon enjoys authentic Hokkien Mee & Chilli Pan Mee at Let's Eat food court in Publika "

Edward Kwon was on Hot FM this morning around 8am. He tried nasi lemak and mee goreng. He said nasi lemak taste good, and he wants to try combining Malaysian food with Koean food. He said he wants to buy Malaysia's market over to Korea because Malaysian food are tasty. How sweet of him. Most importantly for the girls, he said he don't mind having a Malaysian girlfriend. But the heartbreaking news is that this celebrity chef is a married guy with 2 children. How lucky! "I want to work to globalize Korean food", the chef quoted.

He will be back in Malaysia around September to dine with some lucky people. Only 75 patrs of tickets available. Check here to know how to win those tickets from Maybank!

Chef Edward Kwon is interviewed by at a special visit to The Star!

Edward Kwon admits to having met several world-famous celebrities during his time in the United States and Dubai. He noted: "We only stop by a VIP’s table to exchange greetings after they have been served. I have had the opportunity to meet celebrities such as George Clooney, Sharon Stone, Pierce Brosnan, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Tiger Woods. And Barbara Streisand once offered me a position as her personal chef, and Madonna exclaimed: ‘This food is better than sex!’ I can also remember when former U.S. President George H. Bush came by the kitchen to personally tell me: ‘I really enjoyed the food.’"

Below are some photos uploaded by Life Inspired on their facebook page in Lauch of EdVentures in Asia at Hilton Hotel, KL.

The banner of the promo poster

7-star delicacy prepared by the chef

Amazing presentation

The almighty chef, Edward Kwon

Chef with lotsa camera lenses in front

Edward Kwon posing with his promo banner

Wide smile from the celebrity chef

Click here to read the online news from The Star about Chef Edward Kwon. Inserted some videos of the guy. 

Follow @ekfood which I believe is the official twitter of Edward Kwon and his restaurant.

Here are some Korean tweets tweedted by @ekfood!

"말레이시아 최대 일간지인 The star지의 오늘자 1면에 에드워드 권 셰프의 기사가 게재되었답니다!^^ "

"말레이시아 쿠알라룸푸르를 우리맛의 멋으로 매혹시킨 에드워드 권 셰프! 현지 54개 매체 120여명의 미디어들이 열띤 취재 경쟁을 벌였습니다! 한식이 더욱 널리 알려지는 좋은 계기가 되리라 기대됩니다^^ "

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