20 June 2012

Boyfriend's successful showcase in Gangnam!

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News broke few days earlier that Boyfriend was going to hold a Guerilla showcase over in Gangnam for their fans after returning to the industry with their comeback titled Love Style. Boyfriend's chic image is gathering more fans for them and sky-rocketing popularity. Boyfriend successfully wraps up their first showcase after their comeback in Gangnam. 

They heated up the Gangnam street with their title song, Love Style, One Day, Don't Touch My Girl and I'll Be There. Boyfriend tweeted the photo of the showcase set up on the street before the showcase started.

After the showcase ended, Boyfriend tweeted a photo of themselves, holding an autographed Love Style album, stating that they are going to give the album first hand to their fans who have been selected as the lucky fans during the fansign. Lucky girls!

[B.F현성]베프에게 첫 앨범을 주고 싶어서멤버들과 생각한 아이디어! 어제, 오늘 행운의 주인공이 되신 팬분들! 즐거우셨나요?^^ 다음엔 버스 빌려서 다같이 타자~♥더운데 응원와준 우리 베프 힘난다! 늘 감사해요!

[B.F동현]컴백 마지막날! 인기가요 본방 준비중! 오늘 사녹 정말 많이 와줘서 고마웠어요 알라븅♥하지만 이게 끝이아니죠 저기가 어디게? 이따 우리 만날 곳! 특별한 게릴라무대가 준비되어있으니 마니마니 오세요^^* 
[DongHyun] Last day of our Comeback special! Getting ready for Ingigayo! Thank you guys so much for coming today Luv you♥ but you all know that we have more! Do you guys know where that is? That’s where we gonna meet soon! A special guerilla stage is prepared, so please come ^^*

Click here for the fan cams!
Love Style - http://youtu.be/aOc1lisC8qQ
One Day - http://youtu.be/bi6gLlIfFjI
I'll Be There - http://youtu.be/JygZotVxubU
Don't Touch My Girl - http://youtu.be/MvpUGpQxAso

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