20 June 2012

Boyfriend for Wonder Boys?

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It was rumored that Boyfriend, with their increasing popularity will be doing a new variety show after W Academy called Wonder Boy. Rumour or no, I'm sure bestfriends will be happy with the variety show as we can see more sides of Boyfriend rather than the perfect image we received from Starship Entertainment. Boyfriend is well knowed with their young and dorky side while shooting W Academy. Previously on W Academy, the show had good ratings and was highly viewd by many bestfriends all over the world such as Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, China, and many more.

Wonder Boy is scheduled to be aired on 25th of June, 8pm. (fyi, it is on Rain's birthday!)

A sneak peek revealed for the show, Wonder Boy. Look at the interactions between KwangMin and YoungMin. How cute! No matter how awkward you guys might be around each other with the cameras around. as long as you two stay by each other's side. Bestfriends aren't complaining :)

I have faith that this show is going to be a hit and gain high viewing rates, cause it's Boyfriend!

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