14 June 2012

Boyfriend's comeback stage on M!Countdown

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Boyfriend was broadcasted live on M!Countdown today. They performed 2 songs, Love Style and One Day. Both songs were composed by Sweetune. They were wearing adorable outfits, giving a different style to the fans. After the performance ended, Boyfriend update their Official Twitter account, with sweet messages for Bestfriends.

Catch their performance here!

[B.F:동현] 드디어 보이프렌드 출격입니다!!!!! 멋진 무대 보여드릴테니 응원 많이 해주세요! 보이프렌드가 갑니다! 
[B.F: DongHyun] Finally, Boyfriend is finally back!! Please cheer us on we're gonna show you a lot of great stages! Boyfriend, go!

[B.F:정민] 오늘공개된첫번째미니앨범!!! 러브스타일들어보셨나요 ~?!! 아직안들어보셨으면말을하지마세요!!!!ᄏᄏ 다들엠카로달려 오고있어요?엠카에서만나요..ᄋ.ᄋ 아우떨려!!!!! 
[B.F: JeongMin] Today is the day we unveil the first mini album!!! Have you heard Love Style ~?!! Don't say you have not listen to it yet!!!! Haha Is everyone coming to M!Countdown? See you at M!Countdown.. o.o Ow, I'm nervous!!!!!

[B.F:광민] 오늘 드디어 컴백!!!!을 합니다!!!! 앨범도 오늘 공개되었는데 들어보셨나요?? 이번 앨범 열심히 준비 했으니까 많이 들어주시고요 앞으로 많은 사랑부탁드립니다!!!! 
[B.F: KwangMin] Today is finally the comeback!!!! Have you heard that the album will be release today?? This album have a lot of hard work in it and we're wishing to receive a lot of love please!!!!

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