16 June 2012

Boyfriend make their comeback appearance on Music Core!

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Boyfriend just made their comeback appearance on Music Core, singing to One Day and Love Style. Boyfriend were wearing casual outfit this time for One Day and smart looking suit for Love Style. Honestly, I just love their One Day song so so much, the lyrics are just so sad, it's like a real life story. Boyfriend sang it so sincerely and it melts my heart for real.

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was to play One Day in my phone. The melody, the voice, the sincerity, it just hit a 200% perfection. One Day is now my current favourite song. It will be forever my favourite song when I can hear them singing live in front of me. Even by imagining it, my heart pounds and races. Boyfriend, you just stole my heart to a place that I cant make my way there so soon. So please, return me my heart and stay by my side :')

Check out Boyfriend's Music Core performance here!

Check out this cute introduction of Boyfriend just minutes before they make their way on to the stage of M!Countdown. Boyfriend introduction on M!Countdown

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