02 May 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-13 in Seoul, Korea

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Today is the last day I am in Seoul. Since today's weather forecast is rainy, I went to Woohyun's family restaurant. It is called 먹&삼 생고기집. It was actually opened by his brother, Boo-hyun and he is a chef! The restaurant is located quite far away from where I stay but it was really easy to find. The restaurant is actually quite huge, compared to Hoya and Sungyeol's restaurant. When I arrived there, the restaurant was empty and I was starting to doubt that is was an off-day. My sister took a pee pinside and Woohyun's mom looked shocked. She said she thought there was nobody but suddenly somebody was standing there.

The signboard outside the restaurant

She invited us in and asked where are we from. She wasreally speechless and excited when we say we were from Malaysia. She was even shocked when she knew we were twins. She was like, "MALAYSIA? wahhh (in disbelief)". She then introduced herself and said this is Woohyun's "house" and she is Woohyun's mom. OMG His mom is a total beauty! She looked so young. Then, she saw the file my sister was carrying and the front page was actually the address and directions to the restaurant. She was overwhelmed. 

Grilling samgyupsal and mushrooms

She then gave us the menu and served us the food. I was really really nice! We had the samgyupsal and makchang (pork intestines). If you are dining with your friend (2 person), one portion of samgyupsal and one portion of makchang is enough. You can order rice to go with the grilled food. While Woohyun's mom was cutting the samgyupsal and grilling it, she kept on saying, "Wah Malaysia...(in speechless mode)". Then she asked if we were Woohyun's fan. I nodded and she asked whether are we Infinite's fans. My sister said yes. And she asked if Woohyun is cute, is Woohyun handsome? and of course, we said yes! The restaurant was filled with poster and pictures of Woohyun. *I felt bad for Boohyun LOL*

The decorations beside the counter

The interior of the restaurant

After eating, I took a photo with Woohyun's mom. She said ok and was trying to tell all the fans who were dining there that we were twins and we are from Malaysia. She asked one of the Korean fan to take a picture of the three of us.Then I took a selca with her too. She was trying to adjust the lightning and she wanted Woohyun's poster to be seen at the background. What a proud mom!

A selca with the beautiful mom

A selca while waiting for the food

When I was planning to leave, it was drizzling outside. Woohyun's mom kept asking do we have umbrella but we didn't bring it that time. She was so worried and she kept on asking if we know the direction back to the subway station and asked where are we planning to head to after this. She asked us to run to the station too! Anyways, the food was so nice, I shall be back again!

Laughed out loud when I saw these 2 little cute Woohyuns hanging on the wall, laughing.

Boyfriend came here before!

I've decided to visit Myeongdong once again. We didn't buy anything for ourselves except for some snacks and socks! We had a hotdog which costed 3,000\. It was really nice. They had 4 different flavours of hotdog in halves on a stick. I like the one with ddeokbokki inside. It tasted good. Oh and I went to a CD shop to buy NU'EST slogan towel. SinceI have so many snacks to bring back, I've asked the cashier whether do they have any unwanted empty boxes.

I went back to the hostel and started to pack my luggages and seal all the boxes. I will be taking the KTX back to Busan at 6:40AM so I guess it is goodnight for now.

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