28 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-9 in Seoul, Korea

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Woke up at 9:30AM today because I had to take the subway which took around 1 hour 15 minutes to reach Bupyeong. My sister wanted to dine at Hoya's new family restaurant. It was selling pork cutlet before but now they are selling Pork Soup Rice. They also changed their name from 돈까스타 to 돈수백. Left my hostel at around 10:15AM.

Unfortunately, the restaurant is yet to be opened. The grand opening will be on the 29/4. Too bad, she got misleading date from the staff working at the restaurant, saying that she would be able to come on the 28/4 and the restaurant will be ready by then. Anyways, we dined at a nearby restaurant, ate 보쌈. It tasted quite good. We ordered Soy Bean Paste soup (된장찌개) and Kimchi jjigae.

At around 1PM, we took the subway to Nambu. My sister and I was invited to be on Catch The Wave with DJ Adrien. I thought I could have a peep at Aron doing his live recording so I went there early. Sadly, Aron wasn't in today and it was pre recorded. Listening to his voice made my heart beats so damn fast. The voice was so clear I thought he was inside talking. Since I went there 3 hours earlier, I decided to stroll around first then back to the studio later.

Arirang tower

It was raining today, it was windy and very very cold. I stopped by at a nearby Starbucks and chilled there. Oh I went to the Seoul Art Museum too but nothing much to see, or maybe I went to the wrong floor. At around 6PM, I went back to Arirang. DJ Adrien was already in there and I was so nervous. It was fascinating to be in a live studio, seeing how the producers do their job and what does the behind the scenes looked like. Everything was so overwhelming.

Music Access time! but Aron was not in

Corridor with posters

DJ Adrien at work!

I have been listening to Catch The Wave for awhile now because I find Adrien very cute! I like how he laughs when reading the messages sent in by the listeners. Anyway, in the middle of watching Adrien, the producer came to me and did a small interview with me, asking me some basic personal questions and telling what Adrien is going to ask me on air. During the break between, Adrien came out and had a small talk with my sister and I. He was really really friendly. I didn't know he looked soooo good in person!

His voice is so nice to hear, just like how I've heard him on air. We had some interesting talk ;)
I'll skip the interview part cause I'll upload the mp3 version of it later.

NU'EST's picture appeared on the screen since I requested NU'EST - Hello 

Adrien took selcas with me after Catch The Wave ended. His face was so red and he said he was sick. How can someone be that good looking when one is sick?

Selca with DJ Adrien

It was so hard to leave the studio because Adrien was sooo cute and he kept waving goodbye. So cute ㅠㅠ

A selca in the toilet before leaving

After leaving the studio, I went to Seoul Station to change my train ticket date. I wanted to extend my stay in Seoul and shorten my Busan stay because it was raining in Seoul these few days, I've missed the chance to visit places I have to go before I leave.

It was so late by the time I finish settling the stuffs. I have planned to visit WooHyun's family restaurant but guess I'd have to delay visiting it.
That's all for today. *ok, today's post is mostly about Adrien ㅋㅋㅋ*

 A photo taken by the producer in the studio

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