27 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-8 in Seoul, Korea

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The weather forecast for today was rainy, I woke up around 11:30AM and get myself ready for some outing. I've planned to visit N Seoul Tower today. It was drizzling here and there but no storms or heavy rain, thank god. I stopped at MyeongDong station and walked towards Pacific Hotel. If you want to take the cable car to the top, take a 10-15 minutes walk up to the small hill road by Pacific Hotel's side. On the way up, you can see cable cards on top of you and just follow the cable lines, it will get you to the cable car station! A round trip costed 8,500\. I took the cable car up. 

Cable car ticket

The cable car station

There were live performance going on and many many travelers from different countries visiting too. There are a few food stalls and cafe at N Seoul Tower so no worries if you get hungry suddenly. There are also a lot of pork cutlet restaurant on your way up to the cable car station. N Seoul Tower is famous for the love lock area where visitors can buy a lock and write some messages on it before locking in on the grills at the locking area. My sister and I shared one because you can write both sides if the lock and one lock costed 8,000\ (around RM 24). We locked it and took pictures of it before leaving. Oh! and a few dramas filmed at N Seoul Tower before. 

N Seoul Tower!

As far as I know, My Love From The Stars filmed here, that's why you can see standees of Kim Soo Hyun at the photo taking area. There are also a few cute benches where couples love to sit at and take pictures. The view is magnificent. It was a waste because it was drizzling and cloudy. I bet the night view is great too! The N Seoul Tower will be light up at night with colourful lights. How romantic!

Love lock with messages

My love lock

A photo on the infamous bench at N Seoul Tower

On my way down after hopping off the cable car, I've stopped by one of the pork cutlet restaurant to try out since the banner showed that "2 days 1 night"'s crew members visited them before. On my way up to the first floor, I can see lots of autographs from various artistes hanging on the wall. Apparently, a lot of artistes have been here before. My sister and I shared 1 portion (costed 8,000\). It tasted really really good! The pork cutlet was quite big and very tasty. I would rate 4/5 for the dish! Worth a try! You should try it only when you are down, not when you are still at N Seoul Tower because the price up there is quite pricey. Pork Cutlet costed 9,900\ and the tornado potato costed 3,000\ up there.

Pork cutlet with rice

Since we are at MyeongDong, I've decided to shop some more! There are a lot of cosmetic shops at MyeongDong. Just in one stretch of street, there are at least 3 Nature Republic. I don't know how many are there in the whole MyeongDong shopping area, probably around 10 branches? Anyway, I went into The Saem and bought some beauty products for my mom. It was pricey but yeah, they gave me lots of free gifts too.

NU'EST merchandises

So excited to see NU'EST official merchandises

I also had my dinner at MyeongDong, it is a famous restaurant called Myeong Dong Kyo Ja (명동교자). I had the Kalguksu (hand-rolled noodle soup) and Mandu (steamed dumplings), one portion each. It was just nice for two person. You can easily locate it once you exit from Myeong Dong station exit 8. It is a small restaurant but the food is very nice! Both of the dishes deserve a 4.8/5 rate from me :) It costed 16,000\ for both dishes. The weird thing is that you have to pay as soon as you order before they serve you your food. I guess it is because people come in and leave very constantly so it is better for them to get the money first just in case they lost count. You can get more details of the restaurant, the history and directions here

Hand-rolled noodle soup


Hmm, not much going on today since it was drizzling and windy. Went back to my hostel at 8:30PM.

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