24 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-5 in Seoul, Korea

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I woke up late today because I slept late yesterday, stayed up to write my blog with a laggy computer at the hostel. I've decided to visit INFINITE Sungyeol and Dongwoo's restaurant today. I went to Sungyeol's BBQ Chicken shop for lunch and Dongwoo's octopus restaurant for dinner. I woke up at around 11AM today. After some tossing and turning and finally getting to leave the hostel, it was 12:30PM. I had some triangular kimbap and melon milk for breakfast today. It is addicting to have kimbap and milk for breakfast lately and I don't know how am I going to survive when I am back in Malaysia.

Sungyeol's restaurant was easy to find because it was located right outside the exit of Hapjeong station. Sungyeol's dad opened the automatic glass door for me to enter while his mom showed me to the table. Both of them are very good looking! Sungyeol's mom took my order after recommending me what to order and I, of course, ordered what she have recommended. It was Olive Chicken where it comes with in a set with a plate of salad with some noodles and sprinkled cheese. The portion was just right for two but you might not able to finish up all the fries and chips. The fries are totally made out from whole potatoes as you still can see the potato skins. The chicken was so crispy and tender. I was planning to take a selca with Sungyeol's mom after I finish eating but by the time I finish eating, she left.

Healthy salad with sprinkled cheese

Golden Olive chicken recommended by Sungyeol's mom

My sister asked the waitress whether is she coming back later and she said Sungyeol's mom will be back in 2 hours' time. She was so kind and polite, she even asked us to take photo with Sungyeol's dad while waiting for his mom! So I did, obviously. His dad was so cute, he posed a peace sign when I did a selca with him without me asking him to do that. His dad was not very tall but very good looking for men at his age.

Selca with Sungyeol's dad

After waiting for 2 hours, Sungyeol's mom came back right on time as estimated by the waitress. I then took a selca with his mom. His mom was so warm and welcoming. She gave my sister and I each a ballpen of their restaurant. Although it wasnt something related to INFINITE or Sungyeol, it was still nice of her to give out some gifts for Sungyeol's fans or Infinite's fans who visited the restaurant.

Before heading to Dongwoo's restaurant for dinner, I went to Ewha Women's University for some shopping at a street nearby. There were lots of Korean college girls shopping there because their university is just right beside the shopping area. Their university is HUGE! There were lots of shops and stores at the shopping street. From what I've heard, they sells stuffs at a cheaper price compared to other shopping areas. But from my experience, they are mostly the same. But yes, you still can find some really cheap stuffs with good quality by exploring more of the shops.

I've bought  a cap for myself at 5,000 and 2 snapbacks for NU'EST at 10,000 each. It was really nice :) Then, I spotted a phone accessories shop, selling phone cases at a cheaper price compared to other shops I have stopped by. After some bargaining, I've got the case at 33,000 for two (around 16,000 each)! I also found a bag shop after seeing crowds in the shop, selling 10,000 for each bag, regardless the size and the pattern, it was so cheap and the quality was so good! The bags comes in a variety of shapes and colours! It was heavenly! And of course, I bought a bag that I have been dying to buy. It was worth it!

Before leaving for dinner, I saw a shop selling clothes at 5,000 and it was pretty. I have no self-control so I stopped by, looking around some more and end up buying one. It was in a very good quality. I liked it a lot.

Ouside Dongwoo's family restaurant

Finally, dinner time! I arrived at Dongwoo's restaurant at around 7:30PM. His dad was the first person I saw and he asked me whether if I am Japanese. I said no, I am from Malaysia. It was nice to know that the knew where Malaysia is :) A waitress then took my order after recommending what I should order. She recommended octopus with samgyupsal. It was really really nice! Although it was little bit spicy but overall, I'll give 2 thumbs up. Infinite fans, Kpop fans or any other people who are currently planning to visit Korea, Seoul, please do come and try it out, you won't regret it :)

Full of messages to Dongwoo and Dongwoo's pictures poster on the wall

Samgyupsal at the side and octopus in the middle. After eating all, they will pour more rice and vegetables on the sauce and make fried rice.

Selca at Dongwoo's family restaurant. Was so tired, you can see it in my eyes.

After having my dinner, my sister went to pay for the bill and I was standing in front of the counter. An aunty came up and asked whether who is the guy in the poster at the counter, Dongwoo's mom proudly say it is my youngest son. He is in the group called Infinite. His mom then looked at me and started to sing their song! She sang "내거하...자!" in a very cute way and then laughed at herself. Dongwoo's dad was standing right beside of me and he saw me looking at his mom, he laughed at her too! Then he started singing too "내거하자! 남자가 사랑할대..." and then he laughed at himself. Both of them are so cute I swear the cuteness runs in the blood too.

Selca with Dongwoo's mom

Selca with Dongwoo's dad

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