22 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-3 in Seoul, Korea

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So yesterday after I went back to my hostel, had some instant noodle before sleeping and finally unwrapped my NU'EST album. I wasn't expecting a photocard inside since it was an older album. But there was a photocard inside and I got MinHyunnie's card! ^^ Feel so happy tho I didn't manage to get JR's photocard yet :(

Minhyun photocard! 

Anyway, I woke up around 11AM today and planned to visit the top entertainment companies at Apgujeong area. I took the subway to Apgujeong Rodeo, according to the directions given by bloggers online, I've managed to find the companies without wasting much time. FNC Entertainment was a bit harder to find if you were to go from JYP Entertianment/Cube Entertainment's direction. SM Entertainment's direction is much more better, easier and clearer. You won;t have problem finding FNC once you have spotted SM. But all of these companies are not hard to find, there are always fans waiting outside the company so you can ask around, fans can direct you to the place! And so, I went to JYP Entertainment first because it was the nearest. It was located right opposite of Dunkin Donuts. Fans are camping at Dunkin Donuts to get some rest and to spot the idols. I was lucky to see 15&'s Jimin walking out from JYP Entertianment with her manager.

EXO comeback banner spotted at SM training centre

JYP Entertainment (not that big in size actually)

Jimin of 15& with her manager I guess

 Cube Cafe Studio, the current artiste featured is 4 Minute

 The outdoor decoration of Cube Cafe studio

Since I have managed to see an idol, I decided to stay a bit longer to see if I can spot more. Then there goes 2AM's Jinwoon, coming from across the street to JYP Entertainment, all smiles on his face wearing shades and jeans. I was shocked when he stopped by the company and then walked off by his own. A few fans went after him for autograph so I went too. Jinwoon was happy to sign for us and fans started to ask for selca since there were only 5 of us, including my sister and I. Jinwoon didn't reject us, he took selca and wrote our names on the autograph paper. He was so nice! He was very handsome in person. I have met him twice when he came to Malaysia for showcases and even got his autograph before but this felt totally different. I was in the middle of the road with no crowded fans around him, and he was autographing for me with my name on it and even agreed to selca with me, what is happening? Haha was the sun rising from the west? I guess so.

 Autograph of Jinwoon

Selca with Jinwoon

Was so happy and jumping around, thinking whether should I call it a day since meeting Jinwoon made me happy enough. Then 2PM's Chansung went out from the company and quickly hopped into the car. Fans were trying to go towards him but the car was droving off already. I manage to take his photo but couldn't get his sign nor selca.

Chansung outside JYP Entertainment

After waiting for some time in front of JYP Entertainment, I've decided to walk to FNC Entertainment since it was just located along the way. When I arrived, the fans there told me CN BLUE's Yonghwa just went in 20 minutes ago. I've waited and waited for Yonghwa but he didn't come down. Then after waiting for 20 minutes, there was a black van coming through and stopped right in front of FNC Entertainment. CN BLUE's Minhyuk came down and walked inside the building. He was all manners! He bowed and greeted the guard working at the guardhouse loudly before entering the gate. After waiting for an hour or so, nobody came down or went it. Then I saw CN BLUE's Yonghwa walked pass the glass window by the 1st floor. Fans went a bit chaotic and was fangirling by themselves. I didn't manage to take photo of Yonghwa but I swear I saw him. His hair was brown in colour and he kinda looked out the window too.

FNC Entertainment

CN BLUE Minhyuk at FNC Entertainement

Random photo of a random kid running on the road near FNC Entertainment

After waiting at FNC Entertainement for quite some time and still nobody is coming in and out, I went to SM Entertainment since I've heard that EXO have been going in and out the company this morning and fans were able to catch them.

When I arrived at SM Entertainment, there were like 5 times of fans waiting in front of SM Entertainment than JYP Entertainment. I've waited there for quite some time but I couldn't see anyone but some rookies. Not sure was he one of the SM Rookies or just a trainee. But fans were still fussing about him. I've noticed that SM Entertainment has a small parking lot in front of the front door so the vans/cars always stop right in front of the door and the artistes will be rushing in with the speed of light. I knew I won't even have the chance to take picture or get their sign. Plus there were so many desperate fans have waited there for god knows how long, so I decided to leave.

SM Entertainment building

Oh and when I was still waiting there, my sister checked her Twitter and saw fans saying that 4Minute just walked into Cube Cafe. All 5 of them! So without wasting any time, I went to the Cube Cafe. I didn't manage to see them walked in because by the time I arrived, all 5 of them are already inside, so I decided to wait outside since they have to come out somehow right? After waiting there for around 5minutes, BEAST's Dongwoon came in with his bike, looking so tall and
handsome, I unconsciously just blurted Oh My God in front of him. I don't know whether did I shocked him or what but he gave me a blank glimpse and the face saying "Did you just call me god?" Well yeah, I was panicked I didn't know what to say. He then went upstairs to the 1st floor where only staffs and other VIPs can access. I was so excited, knowing that 4Minute and BEAST are in the building and was hoping that Dujun and Gikwang might walk in! Or Yoseob? Or Junhyung?

THEN! In walked BTOB's Eunkwang. He was wearing a black hoodie with jeans, wearing a backpack. He walked pass me, nodding and smiling to fans who called his name. He was so cute. Honestly he was skinny too (feeling fat beside him)! I knew I shouldn't leave Cube Cafe. More fans started to gathered in the building, all waiting for them to leave. I didn't have time to update my Facebook because the artistes came in one by one. I was so starstucked, my hands were trembling, my eyes are fixed to spot idols and I was dizzy, standing outside the building under the cold weather.

BTOB Eunkwang walking in

Not long later, 4Minute's Jiyoon came out with out of the staffs, wearing a face mask. I nearly couldn't recognize her since she was wearing a cap and a mask but she was very slim and her walk was so cute. I didn't dare to walk up to her since she was walking with her staff/manager.

A few minutes later, BTOB's Changseob walked out with his bike. I didn't know that he was inside the building because I didn't see him coming in. He was walking too fast with his bike I didn't wanted to bother him by asking for autograph since he was holding his bike and walking very fast.

BTOB Changseob with his bike

I stayed there and another 5 minutes later, BTOB's Peniel walked in. His body was so buff and muscular tho he was wearing a checkered shirt and a cap, I can still recognize him because he shines :) He was talking on the phone and I heard him say "What time?" haha no idea who he was talking to or what he was talking about. He was tall too! A very nice height I could say.

BTOB Peniel

AFTER THAT, 4Minute's Sohyun came out with a staff/manager too. She was wearing a cap, holding a cup of coffee. I only manage to snap a picture of her since she walked very fast too. All 4Minute members were in the building but Jiyoon and Sohyun just came out, which means HyunA, Jihyun and Gayoon are still inside!

Not long after that, 4Minute's Jihyun came out from the building alone with a cup of coffee and a purse on her hand. She was wearing a cap without her make up on but she was still very pretty! He skin was so flawless and her hair was so nice! I quickly ran to her and ask for autograph. She stopped and signed for me! She even ask for my name without me telling her to write it. She was so cute! She wasn't wearing any make up on so obviously she won't agree to take selca with fans.

4Minute Jihyun

 Jihyun's autograph

I ran back to the Cube Cafe just to see if any artiste are coming out, then BTOB's Peniel came out, walking so fast by himself. Since he was by himself, I ran towards him and got his autograph. He didn't ask for my name and I didn't ask him to write it either. He was walking so fast so I guess he was in a hurry. A few fans came along too but they were kinda annoying tho. They were constantly walking so close behind him, talking to him but he didn't respond to them. He politely smiled at us when he was about to enter Cube Entertainment.

BTOB Peniel's autograph

And of course, I ran back to Cube Cafe to avoid missing out HyunA :) 4Minute's Gayoon was the next to leave the Cube Cafe. She came out from the front door which was unexpected since fans were starting to crowd at the 2nd door. She manage to enter her car with a few sasaeng fans trying to act as the staffs and talking to her casually, standing in front of her car door and were trying to stop other fans from getting nearer to Gayoon, how rude.

4Minute Gayoon

Finally, 4Minute's HyunA came out, with a big purse on her hand, wearing a grey sweater with her hair all tied up. She was wearing make up and a very bright red lipstick. She looked so cute yet stylish! She was talking to the staff beside her and she sounded so cute. I wasn't able to get her sign because she didn't walk to Cube Entertainment but she went into a car which was already parked in front, waiting for her to hop on.

4Minute HyunA

So by now, everybody basically left except for the two male idols, BEAST's Dongwoon and BTOB's Eunkwang. After waited fo around 20 minutes, Eunkwang left the building with the infamous Joonkun manager beside him. Both of them were talking and laughing. I went up to Eunkwang and get his autograph since he looked happy. Fortunately, the manager Joonkun didn't stop me from standing beside Eunkwang and getting his autograph. He was all smiles and asking Eunkwang to look out for cars.He is one of the nicest manager I have ever seen, compared to the ones like SM Entertainment who have history of hitting fans on their head when they were near to EXO. I told Eunkwang my name but I guessed he misheard it. Well, he did misheard it. He wrote 별이 instead of 효리 which I thought is cute! 별 means stars in Korean :) What nice name. Can I say that it is a name Eunkwang gave me? :D

Eunkwang's autograph

Finally, the one and only Son namshin is still in the building. It was kinda late already but he hasn't left yet. Fans were starting to leave since it was cold but a few Malaysian fans whom I was lucky enough to get to know them was determined to waitn for Dongwoon. So we waited together and chatted a little, exchanging informations and getting to know each other. They were from Melaka! Anyways, Dongwoon finally left less than an hour later. He rode his bike and the bike looked nice and expensive. It was white in colour and his legs looked so long. YAY!

Everybody left, so fans were all leaving too. It was quite late already and I haven't have my dinner yet. I wanted to eat at Cube Cafe but they only have drinks and snacks. I was hungry and I need some rice and soup. So I went to a nearby restaurant called Food Cafe and it is opened for 24 hours. The food was nice and inexpensive. I had the pork cutlet kimchi kimbap which costed 4,000\ while my sister had kimchi jjigae which costed 5,000\.

Pork cutlet kimbap

That's all about today. I am so tired. My legs are sore and my back was aching but I guess it is still worth the pain? Haha

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