19 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-3 in Busan, Korea

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Woke up quite late today because I've slept in late yesterday :) Woke up at around 10:30AM and headed down to the restaurant at 1st floor of my hostel building. They sell mostly rice soup type of food. I've ordered Kimchi jjigae, just to see whether what's the difference between authentic Korean food and Malaysian commercialized Korean food. Not much difference but the taste is slightly better and the amount of ingredients they put inside is so generous. One portion is 5,000\ and I've ordered 2 portion for me and my sister. A lot of the locals went there for their breakfast, wearing their working uniforms.
Oh and they eat so fast! I've spent around 20 mins for slowing slurping the hot soup and finish up the rice, the spent like 5 mins and off they go.

Kimchi jjigae with lots of side dishes!

Later on, I took the subway to ToSeong to visit the Gamcheon Culture Village. It was featured all over the brochures of Busan and also in the TRUNQ KOREA video recorded by Infinite. I do recommend then anybody who wants to visit, please choose a day that is not windy at all and no cloudy skies or what-so-ever, it is just too cold even during spring time. It is a small colourful village where you can buy a map fpr 2,000\ and get stamps when you visit certain listed places. They have the House Of Light, House Of Wind, Book Cafe, Peace House and lots more. For certain places, you can get a photocard of the village for free!

A small note written by me at the culture village

I also stopped for some snacks in the village. There is a hoddeok stall where you can spot easily while walking around. It was visited by the Running Man cast therefore it is very popular. I swear the hoddeok was the best hoddeok I've ever tried. There are 2 types of hoddeok. One is with brown sugar filling and nuts (sweet), one is with japchae inside (savoury). Both are nice, I recommend both of them! It cost only 1,000\ per piece.

I have been there since 12PM to around 5PM. After that, I went to the PIFF Square where there are lots of street food beside the mall. You can see many food stalls selling a variety of food but most of them are selling the same variety of food. I've tried the tornado potato with cheese and also mandu with squid and cabbage. Both are quite nice, but a little over priced. The tornado potato was 2,000\ (around RM 6) and mandu was 5,000\ (around RM 15) but comes with 5-6 pcs.

Mandu with squid and cabbage! 

Tornado potato with cheese

That was probably my dinner. I've decided to head back to my hostel and call it a day before I spotted Nature Republic store with a 50% poster hanging at the door. I went in straight and bought some products and the free gifts were awesome! Ive bought a set of hand cream (6,000\ Buy one free one, so one would be 3,300\). If I buy in a set which is 4 hand creams and pay for the box, I can get a free photocard of EXO of my choice too! Well, I chose Luhan :) I also bought the lip balm, then one with Luhan too and it comes with a set of free photocard (6pcs). Well in Malaysia I guess you can only get one lipbalm with one photocard. A lipbalm costed 6,600\. I've always wanted to buy the aloevera soothing gel but I guess it would be a little heavy for me to bring it back to Malaysia :( Well, if my bag isn't overweight when I head back to Busan, I would buy it!

Now that I'm back here in my hostel, trying to relax my sore legs. I can barely move around :( Heading to Seoul by KTX tomorrow at 12PM!

Busan station where you take KTX and other trains in Busan

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