20 April 2014

[BLOGGER POST] D-1 in Seoul, Korea

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Woke up early today at around 9AM because I had to take the KTX train from Busan to Seoul! Seoul here I come! ^^ Finish packing and changing at around 10AM. So my KTX train departure time is at 12pm, I had to arrive before 11:30am to get my ticket by presenting the confirmation letter to the staffs working at the tourist information center. Oh yes and before I left the hostel, I wrote some good reviews on sticky notes for them to stick on the wall of feedback by the guests.

Last night at Hi Korea Hostel

KTX ticket from Busan to Seoul

Unfortunately, the cute guy who checked me in on the first day wasn't working today, i was checked out by another 2 cute guys LOL I did took a polaroid picture with one of them. Oh yeah, the one who checked me out doesn't speak English. He was so blurred and shocked when I asked for a photo with him. Maybe it was his first day working at the hostel?

Anyways, I've took a taxi from the nearby Grand Hotel to Busan Station at around 10:50AM. The KTX Station is located at Busan Station. It costed around 15,100₩ and I've arrived around 11:15AM. The KTX was quite comfortable, they sell some snacks and drinks on the train too. They also prepared a small section for travellers to put their luggages aside. I didn't have breakfast that day because I was in a hurry. I've bought a lunch box on the train, it costed 10,000₩ and it tasted delicious! Even though it was a bit cold but the kimchi and  the dakgalbi was really nice. I was impressed. I thought lunch boxes won't taste that nice, guess I was wrong :)

Snacks for sale on KTX!

The KTX train arrived right on time at around 2:45PM. I was totally shocked when I arrived at the Seoul Station. People are rushing here and there, pushing each other out of their ways, people running around to catch trains. It was very chaotic. Seoul is very different from Busan!

Since Seoul Station is so near to Jonggak Station (Seoul Hostel is at Jonggak station), I've decided to carry my big luggage bag to Jonggak by subway. It was a mistake. People are so cramped inside the station and the stairs are high. Carrying such big luggage around wasn't ideal at all.

Anyway, I've managed to arrive safely to my hostel and checked in on time. The room was smaller than the one in Busan since it is cheaper here. After unpacking and taking a nap, I've decided to meet up with my aunt who is currently in Seoul too for dinner since it is her last night in Seoul. We went for some jjimdak (찜닭) at MyeongDong! We had some at Andong Jjimdak (안동찜닭), which is a very famous jjimdak restaurant that offers delicious food. Since we were not that hungry, 3 of us ordered the small portion which says for 1~2 person. Although it is the smallest portion available but the portion was so damn big, it can feed almost 4 adult (women) and a child. As expected, we couldn't finish the whole thing. But the food was seriously very nice. You dont have to order extra rice for this since they already have big chuncks of potatoes and glass noodles in it.


After having dinner, my aunt and I parted ways because she came with her friends and they are going on their own ways. So my sister and I decided to explore MyeongDong a little bit more. There were soooooo many cosmetics and beauty shops that are offering 50-70% discount on their products. I have no self control and Kim Soo Hyun, L, Nichkhun and SJM was seducing me on the products they advertise. I have to bring them home! I've bought tons of produtcs from Beyond, Shara Shara, Its Skin and Tony Moly. Not to mention Nature Republic is offering 50% discounts too and it comes with EXO merchandises.

Amount of my beauty products!

Me holding my purchases in the subway station

At around 11PM, I've took the subway back my hostel. Luckily the hostel is located near to the subway exit because I was so exhausted I couldn't walk any further. Well, I've slept late at around 2AM because I was busy updating my family and answering questions of friends who wanted me to buy them products back to Malaysia. I will be exploring MyeongDong more tomorrow!

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