07 January 2014

Skull & Haha Meet & Greet session with the fans + Q&A details

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Before the duo, Skull and HaHa reach the venue of the Meet & Greet session at Paradigm Mall, the emcee had requests from fans that they are hoping to hear the boys greeting their Malaysian fans in Malay, saying "Saya sayang Malaysia" and of course, "Aku cinta pada mu".

As soon Skull and HaHa arrive, fans went crazy and greeted them will cheers. HaHa cheekily said "You're my sayang" to the fans as he hit the stage. This marked the first visit of the duo to Malaysia. They say that everybody in Malaysia is beautiful. HaHa, a cast member from the hit variety show "Running Man" proudly labelled himself as a humorous person as he can make fans scream and laugh anytime.

On the other hand, Skull introduced himself and greeted his Malaysian fans by quoting "Malaysia Boleh" with his hand up in the air, posing. Skull knew "Malaysia Boleh" is like a symbol to represent Malaysia.

Here are some Q&A details during the Meet & Greet session of Skull & HaHa
Q: Have you tried out any Malaysian food?
HaHa: Yeah, I have tried satay yesterday.

In the meanwhile, HaHa took out his handphone and started read the list of Malaysian food that he have written down in a note in his phone. Nasi lemak and Roti canai was in his list!

Q: What about Skull?
Skull: I feel very energetic and excited. Without all of you guys we will never get here
Skull showed off his language talent by saying "Saya cinta kamu!" (I love you) 

HaHa also took a good look around the mall to see all of their fans. 

Skull: I appreciate the chance and feel honored to be here and thank you.
Haha: "Malaysia Boleh"!
However, the fans jokingly echoed "HaHa Boleh" instead.

Q to the fans: Anybody wants to give Skull & HaHa some messages?
A fan actually asked HaHa how is Byul doing. As everyone knows, Byul is HaHa's newly wed-wife. Haha was trying to be funny by picking a fight with the fan who asked about his wife.

After the short Q&A session ended, photograph session starts. Category 1 ticket holders get the chance to take individual photograph with Skull and HaHa. Besides that, they also get an autograph gift from the boys.
There were many fans who took the chance to have an individual photograph with Skull & HaHa. It was obviously that Skull and HaHa have many male fans who came to support them. 

Before ending the Meet & Greet session with the fans, Skull thanked his Malaysian fans and hope that all of them will have fun in the showcase tonight.

Lastly, they bid farewell to their fans by cheering "Malaysia Boleh".

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