15 January 2014

LEESSANG stormed their 1st showcase in Malaysia + Q&A session

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The day is finally here! Leessang, one of the most popular duo from South Korea finally made their way to Malaysia. Around 7.30 pm on the day of the showcase at KWC Mall, the emcee has chosen 6 lucky fans to be on stage and get closer to Leessang. After the lucky draw, the showcase started. Leessang hit the stage with “Modesty is difficult” as their opening song. The show went on with their second song “I turned off the tv”.

The atmosphere got heated quickly as fans were doing fan chant loudly which was directed by Leessang. Next, Leessang performed “You’re the answer to the guy like me” and “Woman who can’t break up, man who can’t leave the woman”. Both of the songs were quoted as the “Monday couple OST” as both of the songs were often played in the hit variety show "Running Man" where one of the Leessang's member, Gary is a cast member of, and Jihyo’s scene is played. Almost every fans sang along with Leessang as everyone was very familiar with the songs.

After they have performed four songs, Leessang took a break by greeting the fans and continued with a short Q&A session.

Q : How do you think of Malaysia?
Gary : Malaysia daebak!

Q : What is your ideal girl like?
Gill : (Smiling) Song Jihyo.
Gary : (Nodding his head) Song Jihyo.
With the most waited answer being poured out by the man himself, fans got so excited and Gary did nothing but feel shy and laughed.

Q : What is your resolution for year 2014?
Gary : Firstly, I wish everyone to be happy, and "Running Man"'s filming to be successful. 
Gill : 2014, I hope we can come back to Malaysia to have a performance again.
Right after the Q&A session, two games were played with a total of 6 lucky fans which were picked earlier on before the showcase. The first game was the “Couple game”, where Leessang and two lucky fans have to stand on a piece of newspaper that were getting smaller and smaller. After several rounds, Gary won the game. The next game was “Survival game”, which is equivalent to the musical chair. However, Gary and Gill lost in the first round of the game.

After the games, Leessang went to backstage to take a break while fans enjoy the introduction video of Leessang. The video showed Leessang in successful variety shows, which is Gill in “Infinity challenge”, and Gary in “Running Man”. Leessang came back with their new outfit after the break and they performed all of their hit songs such as “It’s a laugh behind sadness”, “Ballerino”, “Gary & Gill”, and lastly “Clown”. 

Gary and Gill went back to backstage right after the song “Clown”. However, fans did not give up on calling them back for encore stage as they can’t get enough of Leessang! After few minutes, a video was played and it asked the fans to show them what they’ve got. Leessang’s fans screamed all over the hall and finally Gary and Gill were back with their encore stage, “Let’s us meet right now” and “Rush”.

During the last song “Rush”, Gary and Gill threw out their caps and towels to the fans. They thanked all of the fans for coming and hoped they have a great night with them. Leessang, come back to Malaysia as soon as possible! The showcase was organized by Pop Culture Live! Next exciting show by Pop Culture Live! is coming very soon.

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