07 November 2013

Hari heated up Malaysia with "Gwiyomi Song"

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The Gwiyomi Song’s original singer, Hari had her promo tour in Malaysia on 2nd of November to 5th of November. Hari made her way to KL Sg. Wang Concourse Area on her last day of the tour to meet her KL fans during the Meet and Greet session. The event started with the performance of ‘Gwiyomi Song’ by the students from RedMouse Dance Academy (Jinghan, Jasmine, Sonja and Carol).

Not long later, the cute singer Hari appeared and greeted her fans in Korean and Malay. Hari said that she is happy to be in Malaysia and wants to stay in Malaysia.  She also gave fans some insights on how the ‘Gwiyomi Song’ concept came up. She felt that it was one of the best way to interact with her fans. Gwiyomi Player is somehow popular that time in Korea and sp she and her producers came up with the ‘Gwiyomi Song’.

At the same time, Hari proudly introduced her producers to everyone. The host asked Hari to teach her fans how to do the Gwiyomi gestures the right way. To top off her last stop for her promo tour, Hari cheekily did a seductive version of Gwiyomi to the fans and media. Fans were heated up by Hari’s cute yet sexy charm.

Four lucky fans were also chosen on stage with the producers to interact with Hari and to do the Gwiyomi together. Creative fans came up with a few versions of their own Gwiyomi, such as seductive version and cute version. The producers somehow hit the spotlight by coming up with a dirty version of Gwiyomi while Hari was singing to the crowd. As expected, the floor members were amused by the producers’ dirty version of Gwiyomi.

After the interact session with Hari, she performed the Gwiyomi Song together with the RedMouse Dance Academy students. Before ending her perfomance, Hari took a big group photo with fans and audience at the background. The exclusive fansign session started right after the Meet and Greet session. Fans bought Hari’s single the ‘Gwiyomi Song’ album on the spot to get the chance of having their album autographed and a photo together with the singer.

Besides young fans of Hari that we normally expect to show up on stage, there are also adults that bought Hari's album and brought their children up on stage to get autograph and take photos with Hari. After the fansign ended, the winners from 988 radio station (official radio partner) went up stage to take a group photo with Hari. Before heading off stage, Hari bid fans farewell with a stretch of cute poses on stage.

For your information, the Malaysia Gwiyomi Challenge is still on going. The winner of the challenge will have the chance to walk away him/herself a pair of flight tickets to Seoul + 1 set LG Pocket Photo + 1 Hari’s Autographed CD. For more information, please visit Warner Music Malaysia (Chinese) Facebook https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10152298270274942 .

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